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TM - Hi this is Amelia and Elizabeth from Twinmusix and we are here with Danny from Tyketto, thank you for having this interview with us today we appreciate it.

DY - It's my pleasure.

TM - You are coming to Australia, are you excited and is there anything you are looking forward to doing?

DY - This is the band's first time and everyone is pretty hyped up about coming to Australia. It is pretty restrictive because of how expensive it is to fly over there are some places that you think you will never get to so it is fantastic that Glam Fest has taken off over the last few years. I am excited to come and everyone is hyped up to come to Australia. I have been to Australia before with another group so I won't say I'm familiar with it but I understand when it comes to living in Sydney. I understand what it is like to have 12 cockatoos screaming at your window in the morning, they will come at sunrise and scream on my balcony.

TM - What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

JN - It is sadly very brief but we are getting about three shows, so I think it is very important to in play the album that introduced everyone to Tyketto. We will do a bunch of music from our first and second albums. We want to try and open and make sure we can come back and make it an annual thing and hopefully get to Perth and New Zealand next time.

TM - You haven't released a new album in a few years, do you have any new music coming out?

JN - Yeah, we are going to have some new music coming out. There was a complete stoppage of work for two years in lockdown, so we weren't able to do anything so last year was our year to put it back in gear. We got two new band members and we wanted to see how that would all work. We ended up having some of the Best attendances we have ever had through Europe and we did more shows in one year than we have done in a long time. Now the pressure is on to start thinking about a new album. I have a new music for a new solo album as well so that is also in the back burner and pressure is on for a new Tyketto album.

TM - You just said you have two new members, what happened?

JN - My drummer Michael Clayton who has been with me for 33 years came and said to me I don't want to be on the road anymore and same with my guitar player. I am very proud of the fact that there was no drama involved, no fighting, it was just like Hey, I want to spend the next few years with my family, my son's going to be graduating high school soon I don't want to miss that. They just said I don't think I want to continue.

I was going to fold up the band tent completely and it was then that I said, why don't you keep going. I didn't know how people would react to one original member but no one seems to mind. These songs are being delivered the way they should be. I am very lucky to still be able to sing them the way I used to, it has been a great reaction so it has injected a lot of light into the band. That's why I am excited to write some new songs with everyone.

TM - You sang with the band House We Built on the song You're the Voice, how did this come about?

JN - They are friends of mine. I was one of the first guys who was sending their demo around to people I know. I sent it to Classic Rock magazine and any time anything in the UK comes out that's rock on roll people are like this is it, this is the new thing. These guys who wrote this album over the COVID lockdown we have no particular aspirations or expectations had some of the best songwriting and playing I have heard come out of the UK in years. They also happen to be great guys so I did an acoustic tour and they opened for me acoustically. Then we did some full band stuff and they supported Tyketto, so we did some stuff together and then the lead singer said we are going to do a cover of Your the Voice, would you be interested in singing it and I said would, are you kidding. It's one of the best songs ever written. We just had a blast and I like their take on it.

TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs what band would it be, what song would it be and would it be in your style or their style?

JN - I would like to see Rob Zombie do a Tyketto song and thrash it and see what happens.

TM - That would be cool, I like Rob Zombie. Let us know if it happens.

JN - Yeah, he's cool.

TM - what's your favourite memory of watching someone else perform live can you tell us a story?

JN - One of the most memorable concerts I ever attended was Bruce Hornsby. I am a fan of what I consider the greatest songwriters. There are a lot of names in the that don't get thrown around much in rock and roll. John Hiatt, Tom Waits and Bruce Hornsby are some of them. I went to see him in Nashville and he came out and for the first 15 minutes it was just him with no band. I can't remember what song he opened with but it was one of the more well-known ones and he is such a ridiculously skilled musician that he took this song and took it apart. I think he's played this song for at least 10 minutes with all these different variations very Jazzy and he was experimenting. As a musician watching someone experiment that doesn't have a plan, they are just pushing the boat out to see where it goes. When he had finished I turned to my friend and said, if He stands up now and says thank you goodnight that's the best 50 bucks I have ever spent, he is remarkable.

TM - That's cool, I like how you'd like every genre of music.

JN - Funnily enough one of my other great music memories is from that same venue and that was Jeff Beck. You don't have to pick favourites but he is one of those guitar players that stands above all the other guitar players. To watch him do what he does and listen to these sounds that he is capable of making in a reasonably small venue, probably a 2,500 seat venue, where all these seats are good seats that is a religious experience as well.

TM - Anything else you want to say to your fans?

JN - Come to these shows. I have gotten so many emails from people saying I can't wait to see you live, The door is open. I think this is the first time for Slaughter as well. Most of the people that are on the bill are friends, it's going to be like a summer camp for three days. Janet Gardener is a dear friend as well as her husband Justin. I know H.e.a.t so everyone will be traveling in packs for three or four days. I hope everyone comes out because Tyketto's main strength is we have always been a great live band and we can say that without feeling any next shame. in the statement for us it's about giving the audience everything you got it will be a great show for everybody.

TM - Well we are excited and can't wait to see you.

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