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Therion is a Swedish symphonic metal band formed by Christofer Johnsson in 1988. The band started off as a death metal band, and over the years changing their style of music by adding orchestral elements, including choirs, classical musicians, and even a full orchestra. Therion are considered to be pioneers of the symphonic metal genre and have released 16 full length albums to date.


Therion line up has changed over the years with today's line up being Christofer Johnssonon guitar, Christian Vidal on guitars, Nalle Phalsson on bass, Thomas Vikstrom singing Vocals,Johan Koleberg On Drums, Loro Lewis and Sarah Jezebel Deva singing vocals.


Last night Therion played at the manning bar in Sydney Australia with support band The Devil. The Devil came out on stage and they were all wearing masks and you didn't know their true identity. The Devil played progressive metal with a video playing in the background the whole time of news events that happen around the world.


The venue was packed with fans who had waited 31 years for this moment to see Therion live in Sydney. Therion came on the stage one by one and opened with the song" Theme of Antichrist" Sarah Jezebel Devap once the song had started and her operatic vocals filled the room.


After the first song Thomas Vikstrom stoped and said "Good evening Sydney, you know we have been touring since February or something like that and we said to ourselves let's go and finish this in Sydney I want to check on your voice is a little bit woah woah woah woah" and the crowd sang back "woah woah woah woah" Then Terion played their second song of the night "Der Mitternachts lowe" and the crowd went crazy for more. Therion continued to play more hits from over the years including Typhon, Lemuria, An Arrow from the sun, Flesh of the gods and many more

Christofer Johnsson said "we have been actively trying to come to Australia for the past 20 years. This is the sixth time we got an offer but something almost fucked it up. We were about to cancel it but luckily the promoter Hardline media and a businessman from Australia saved the tour so thank you very much for making this happen. Last year I thought my career would be over I couldn't use my right hand for anything I couldn't even play guitar but it just finished our 94th concert for this year" and the crowd clapped.


Therion walked off stage and Everyone started cheering for a encore and they walked back on stage and played The Rise Of Sodom and The Mega Therion put down their insturments and bowed to the audience and walked off stage but the set wasn't over Therion came out on stage and played one more song that they have not played in years to finish off an amazing night fulled with so much talent.

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