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Twinmusix Talk with Kyle from The Sword about their new album and more

What can fans expect from your new Album Used Future?

 This is a Fun album to make because we didn't have a clear vision of our final product, we experimented a lot and had a lot of fun coming out with new sounds, and played around with what we do.

Who writes the music in your band?

We all write it together, we going to the studio and we know we have 4 weeks to make the album, By the end of 4 weeks we are going to have an album.

 How did you come up with your album cover and who designed it?

We found this lady who takes pictures of Crazy Cars people build, that's exactly what we were looking for, so we started going through them. she has this incredible picture with the storm in the background. And it was sitting right there the idea we had, it was crazy that we were searching for this thing and it had already been in existence.

 What  guitar and rig do you use?

 In the studio I will use just about anything that's laying around, when I'm on tour I use a signature guitar from reverend, amps I use big crunch which I run through a marshall cabinet.  I use a way pedal.

 What was it like working with Tucker Martine?

 He's a really awesome guy to work with he doesn't work with a sense of urgency, it can sometimes be tents in the studio when the clock is running, he dose a good job and keeps calm and always happy to experiment.

 You toured with Metallica can you tell us the story about hanging out with them?

 We did over 100 shows with Metallica, from Australia to Turkey and everywhere inbetween, the Australian one was funny because we always wanted to go to Australia but it's so experience, and since the beginning of the tabby cat then asking them hey when are we coming to Australia and they said we sent going for two years that will be in 2010. when we went touring with Metallica we could choose the from the 1st of the 1st three slots, for as long as we wanted and it was meant to be a two and a half year tour. and we said to Metallica you have to bring us to Australia because otherwise he will never make it over there and it said yeah you've got it, so we to it with them for a year and we couldn't do it anymore keeping up with those guys isn't an easy task and after a year we quit, then in 2010 they kept their word and ring us up and said you're coming on the tour to Australia with us.

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song and in your style or theirs?

A hip-hop artist probably cypress hill.

 You created your own brand of hot sauce what made you want to do this?

 It was a guy called jeff Kate's  idea he used to work for our old label Komodo, and we had a song on a war cry called tears of fire, and he thought what if we did a sauce that's was so hot it was tears of Fire, turns out there's this shop in Austin Texas owner of it frying is a real big swords fan.

 Shat made your bans want to build your own bike called storm it's with BMX?

 Our drummer used to ride BMX before he joined the sword, no band has ever done a signature bike before, so we use some of our Artworks from the albums for a bike and everyone really loved it.

 What's the fake craziest thing that's happened on stage while you have been on tour?

 This one girl had been throwing her arms around the whole show and pissing people off, she slipped and fell but thought somebody had pushed her, she got up and just pushed this random guy, so when he went to hit her back someone was like oh no you're not going to hit a woman, and took him down and then it developed into a full riot.

Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

 We love Australia we can't wait to make it down there it's always a good time.
The Sword Album Release -

Check out the video stream of the first single, "Deadly Nightshade": HERE


The track is available as an instant grat track for anyone preordering the album from iTunes:HERE


Download "Deadly Nightshade" below



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