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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is an American rock band that was formed in Middleburg, Florida, in 2003. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has five members Ronnie Winter, Randy Winter, Joey Westwood, Josh Burke and John Espy. The band is best known for their 2006 single "Face Down and Toyahs song "Your Gardian Angel".


As The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus walked on stage the fans cheered in excitement and were ready to rock. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus played the manning bar in Sydney Australia last night, they kicked off their set with 'In Fates Hands' to be followed by 'On becoming Willing'. Ronnie stopped and spoke to his fans, he told everyone that the set would start off with one new song, one old song". Next up was Justify, Fighting Everything, Cat and Mouse, The Awakening and Damn Regret.

Ronnie stopped and told everyone that the next song was dedicated to Toyah and it is her song. He told everyone how Toyah tragically passed away, It was a truly sad and touching moment as Toyah loved this song and it was her ringtone on her phone.


Watch the dedication to Toyah here:

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus finished off the night with a string of hits including Misery loves its company, false pretenses, face down and The Grim Goodbye. As you looked into the crowd you knew everyone was a dedicated fan and was truly excited to be at the show. It was a fantastic night full of love and fun and it really took me back to my teenage years. Ronnie announced to his fans that they will be back within the next one or two years as they love everyone and are truly grateful for their support.


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