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Reggae Royalty, Jamaica’s THE ORIGINAL WAILERS return to perform all the BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS Hits as only they can. Whenever they perform live the energy is incredible, people are swaying and singing along surrounded by love and happiness.


BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS sold more than 250 million albums worldwide with an incredible songbook - Is This Love, Could You Be Loved, Three Little Birds, One Love, No Woman No Cry, Get Up, Stand Up, Buffalo Soldier, I Shot The Sheriff, Jamming, Get Up Stand Up, Redemption Song to name a few


Even though Bob Marley passed away 38 years ago his music will live on forever. THE ORIGINAL WAILERS bring the Marley sound and definitely the Marley vibe as they carry on Marley’s message of love and unity and play All the Hits.

Twinmusix got to speak to Al Anderson from The Original Wailers about their upcoming tour and more. 

TM - What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

AA - I am really looking forward to our Australian tour. We hope this tour will be one big sing-along. We love it when the audience sings along when we are performing.

TM - What's your setlist for this tour?

AA - I am not sure yet, we changed it around a lot.

TM - What are you looking forward to doing in Australia?

AA - It will be nice to go to the beach and to the record store for some vinyl. 

TM - You have to visit Utopia Records in Sydney. They are really nice guys and have a great selection. 

TM - You keep the music of Bob and the wailers alive, you also do some of your own songs. What is it like performing both?


AA - Our singer is very good at doing Bob Marley songs and our original songs, so you were going to get some of our original stuff and some catalog material as well.


TM- What does keeping Bob Marley's music alive mean to you?


AA - the band puts all their heart and soul into the music, which is keeping him alive.


TM - Bob used to perform there that he was sick or Healthy would you also do this?


AA - No matter what he was always an amazing performer on stage and we are trying to keep his music alive today.


TM - You are doing a great job of keeping it alive, we love you in Australia. 


TM - You lived in Jamaica for a while, what was it like living there and what did you do?


AA - It was a culture shock Jamaica, it is nothing like America. It is more like Africa. I had to learn their language, we drank beer and went to the beach. The food and the culture in Jamaica is fantastic.


TM - You have been through a lot of history with your band, what is the biggest thing you have learned?


AA - To Be Humble. 


TM - When you think about your catalogs and lyrics, do you feel a spit sense of responsibility when you perform?


AA - I must be in my solitary state at all times.

TM - What is your favorite memory of watching someone else perform live?

AA - Jacob Miller took a police officers hat off his head with a big marijuana joint in his hand and for the hat on his head while he was performing his song. It was a fantastic performance by Bob Marley and everyone loved him as well.


TM - Who was your biggest musical influence growing up? 


AA - Chuck Berry and The Beatles.


TM- They are great artists. 


TM - What is your favorite tour memory?


AA - We got to play in the Milan Arena and there were 130000 people there who are crazy for Bob Marley fans. They booed all the other bands off the stage until Bob started performing.

TM - That is crazy, what an experience. 


TM - Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?


AA - We are looking forward to coming to Australia and having a sing along with our fans.


TM - Thank You for this interview today, and we cannot wait to see you in Australia. 


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