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Twinmusix talk to Bjorn Strid from The Night Flight Orchestra about their new album and more


What can fans expect from your new album ‘Sometimes the World Ain't Enough’?


For the people who have heard Amber Galactic, it's definitely a continuation of it but slightly more diverse. We have been working with early 80s keyboards that reminds you of movie soundtracks from that time and that's been an inspiration for us.


What was your writing and recording process for Sometimes the World Ain't Enough?


We are always writing, you never stop writing. We have two producers in our band with their own Studios and we all get together to record songs.


How did you come up with you album cover for the new album?


We wanted to do something that have a connection to our previous album Amber galactic.


You have done two different album covers for this album one for a limited edition and normal Edition. What made you want to do two different covers?


We were working on the cover and the artist presented us two different covers, we couldn't make up our minds which one was the better album cover.

 We gave it to our label and said you guys pick and they said why don't we do one for a limited edition and one normal edition.


If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be, which song and in your style or theirs?


Abba doing The Last of the independent Romantics.


How did you come to get signed by nuclear blast?


 I reached out to them around our first album and at that time they weren't really interested, then after we released our first two albums they called me up and said our office loves the first two albums we want to sign you guys. I'm glad they got our music and wanted to put it out there.

How did you come up with your video for This Time?


We have a brilliant director tied to the band and he has a brilliant mind and understands what we want to do with our band. I think it's fun to create a video with some gimmicks and balance. 


What made you want to start a classic rock band?


It felt natural start a classic rock band, it's been there the whole time. Growing up I listened to all types of music and then I entered the metal world and did that for about 20 years. Then when I met David, a session guitar player in 2007, we really bonded over that type of music so we decided to start a band.


Your first performance outside Sweden was rock hard festival, how was that experience?


When we came out on stage not that many people knew who we were but by the end of the festival everyone wanted to take photos with us. The crowd reaction was fantastic I saw people wearing black metal patches dancing to Domino from our album Amber galactic.


If you could pick any of your song titles to be your fans biography title what would you choose and why?


 The Last Of The independents Romantics.


 Anything else you'd like to announce to your fans?


We are trying to work on a tour to come down under and get a copy of our new Album.


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