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FINALLY! After years of wishing and hoping, The Iron Maidens finally made their way down under! We were lucky enough to catch their Sydney show and there are only two words to sum it up.... HOLY S**T!


As we waited in line and entered the venue, the excitement was buzzing in the air and fans couldn’t wait to get in and see the pure and raw energy of these five women of metal paying tribute to one of the greatest bands ever!

After waiting eagerly, the lights went out and the intro to the show started to play, and when the Maidens walked on stage, the cheers and screams from the crowd were deafening and they roared into the first song Aces High. When Kirsten walked onto the stage, she greeted the crowd with the traditional “SCREAM FOR ME SYDNEY” Dickinson battle cry and joined in the song.


The fans never stopped screaming and only grew louder when Kirsten walked on stage in the British WWI military jacket waving the Union Jack and wowed the crowd with the favourite song The Trooper!

ut the night wouldn’t have been complete without the amazing shredding and wailing guitars of Courtney Cox and Nikki Stringfield, the booming and fast paced bass lines played by Wanda Ortiz, the heavy beats and wild drumming of Linda McDonald and of course the melodic and powerful vocals of Kirsten Rosenberg.


It was an absolute honour and a privilege to see these incredible ladies of metal play their favourite maiden songs m, including the song Alexander The Great (which even Iron Maiden haven’t played live yet). If you have a chance to go and see The Iron Maidens then don’t miss it or you’ll regret it and here’s hoping they bring their tour to Australia again in the near future!!


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