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The Hunna is a rock band from Hertfordshire in England formed in 2015. The band members are singer/guitarist Ryan Potter, lead guitarist Dan Dorney, bassist Jermaine Angin and drummer Jack Metcalfe. who are Influenced by Kings Of Leon, Queen and more.


 Dan and Ryan met while attending the same college. Dan and Jermaine played the guitar together before they formed the band. Later they met Jack and formed a band together. the band used the word ‘hunna’ while talking to each other and thought it would be a good band name, often quoted as saying 'The Hunna'. means we give 100% in our music and in our daily lives.


 The Hunna released their first single "Bonfire" in October 2015 and in early 2016, they released their second single "We Could Be" which got released in August 2016, The Hunna released album 100, produced by Tim Larcombe and Duncan Mills.

 The album was a huge success and debuted at 3 on the UK Indie Chart, and 13 on the Official UK Album Chart. In the US  they peaked at 36 on the Heat Seekers chart. The album's lead single, "You and Me" made it to U.S alternative radio and was 28 on the U.S. Alternative Songs list.

The Hunna have performed at Reading and Leeds Festival, Dot-to-Dot Festival they also toured with bands like Jimmy Eat World, Night Riots and The Shelters


This year the Hunna will release there new album "Dare".


Last night The Hunna played at the Oxford art factory when the band walked out on stage Ryan walked up to the microphone and said "We love your city! This is our first time here, and we are jetlagged as F***, so I'm going to need your help in singing some of the songs, is that cool?" to which the crowd cheered and the band jumped into their first song "You And Me" with the crowd helping him sing straight away.


Then Ryan Introduced the next song "Still Got Blood" and said "You can sing along if anyone knows it!" before turning around and facing the drummer, letting the crowd sing the first line of the song, then turning around and singing himself. Then they jumped straight into the song "Never Enough" and in the chorus told the audience to jump along and then sung there next song dare.

"Every single song, you guys know the words, don't you? We love you, we just flew from the other side of the world to play our music to people, this place is beautiful I never want to go home! And this guy here called John come here, John ( John waved to the Audience) has been with us since the beginning in England, when we had a tiny band, and that's it! Now we are in Australia! He said, when you go to Australia, you are going to get lost and never want to go back, and after one day I said you are right!" After much encouragement from the singer, he followed it on with more goading "This next song requires some sexy dancing! You are the sexiest people out there, you know this one, just keep doing what you are doing, this one is called  Piece By Piece" the audience sang the song really loud, and knew all the words.


"We played Brisbane last night, which was cool but, Sydney is cooler, even the people in Brisbane like Sydney better! I like Sydney so far, we are recording our second album at the moment called "Dare" Before demanding the crowd to perform, stating "I want to see you or flicking your hair!" the audience started flicking their hair back and forward, and singing along to every word.


"We got told Sydney is a good place to go out in, so I hope you show us a good time" then the audience started chanting Shoey and Ryan asked what a Shoey was? Someone in the audience told him it's when you take off your shoes and drink alcohol out of it. Appalled, Ryan said "I think I might Chuck up!" then Dan took off Ryan's shoe and a fan filled it with beer, of course, Ryan then drank from his shoe and then sang "Bad For You". Not to be outdone, after this song Dan did a Shoey, and the audience cheered.

Rayn asked the crowd if they are having a good time? To which the audience cheered, and then Ryan said "This song reminds me of your summer" before launching into the song "Summer".


"Last night I looked around Brisbane, so I'm excited to see what Sydney is like? Last night Brisbane sang this loud and knew all the words, so Sydney I need you to beat Brisbane, I need everyone to sing this song the loudest you have ever heard!" and they then started playing "She's Casual" followed by their hugest hit "Bonfire" and the crowd went crazy.


The band lay their guitars down on the stage and the lights went off. The crowd called Encore, ENCORE ENCORE! With speed the band came back on stage, and sang one last song while the crowd started chanting Shoey and jack took his shoe off and poured a drink into his shoe, and drank while the crowd cheered and then Jermaine took his shoe off and poured a drink into it, and started drinking out of his shoe. Ecstatic Ryan jumped into the mosh pit and crowd surfed through the crowd all the way back to the stage. Finishing the night.

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