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Twinmusix Talks to Liam From Coasts About There Australian Tour

What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

Lots of energy! We put everything into our lives shows and it's something we pride ourselves on with us and the Hunnah. The music we write is designed to make people dance and have a good time, so that's essentially what we tried to put across.

What stage gear do you use?

Our guitarist uses Orange cabinets and amps, drummer has a has a vintage Premier kit which is really compact, guitarist uses a Gretsch guitar, bassist uses Marcus Miller basses

 You performed one of your first gigs at the House of Blues in LA how was your gig there and would you return?

 We would definitely return, we loved our first gig in America, we were really surprised with the reaction we received. We supported bad Suns and they had a similar fanbase to us 

in terms of age and demographic, it turned out really well it was amazing 

What was the experience like performing at Coachella festival?

 Pretty surreal, we played in the afternoon and normally you don't get so many people watching bands because it is so hot, luckily our stage was in a tent so we didn't have to bare the heat. The tent was full there were between 8,000 and 10,000 people there watching us which was pretty insane. It was the first time we played a festival in America and it was that busy.

How did you come up with your new album cover?

The music remake is summery and upbeat. A lot of our lyrics lead to being by the coast, so there's a lot of references to the sea and that type of thing espically early on, so we worked with a guy on that and we came up with that album cover.

 How did you come up with your video for ‘Take Me Back Home’?

 We have someone at our label that is really great and she came up with the concept, along with a guy we have worked with a few times called Haris Nukem. There were elections going on a few years ago and there was a broadcast in the UK, these kids were acting like politicians and we took that idea and ran with it basically. We thought it would be quite fun to have a bunch of kids playing ourselves, working crap jobs like we had to and then going into a studio and playing we thought it'd be a nice fun idea.

 What's the recording process and how do you pick what's going to be the Final Cut for your albums?

Recording processes changes from song to song, we rewrite a lot so we’re always writing and demoing stuff. In terms of the first record, we did that over one and a half years because we wanted to make our first record as good as it could be. Then we had all these songs from when we first started, so we had to sit down and think how we wanted to come across in our first record and how we wanted to come across to people. We worked with a few different producers because we wanted to mix up our album a bit. It was a long process. The second album was done very differently we went to a studio in London to record it, but we are always changing and on the move and always touring so we need to accompany that.

 How was your experience playing for the first time at BBC Radio?

  It was super amazing! We did the Live Lounge, it was nerve racking and we practiced loads for it, we were well-rehearsed for it but, as soon as they see you about to leave the nerves come in but it was great.

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would and in your style or theirs?

Bring Me The Horizon

Do you prefer big or small shows?

  Our own shows are great, they are a real celebration and everyone knows your music and everyone knows why they are there to hear you and certain songs. Festivals are very different, everyone is there to have fun but not everyone knows your music so you'll have to try and win people over.

  What's your favourite moment with your fans?

  After the show if security permits it, we will go and meet our fans. That's our favourite time with our fans because we actually get to speak to them face to face, it's really nice to hear their stories and how they found out about us.

How did you come up with your band name ?

 It was quite difficult actually, we were doing upbeat summery pop
music, so we wanted a name that would capture that. We thought that Coast was short, direct, memorable and it would fit with the music that we were making at the time.

Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

  We are so excited to come to Australia! It's been a long time coming and hopefully it won't be the last time.

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