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The Halo Effect peter

TM - Hey everybody, I am here with the five string Sorcerer from The Halo Effect Peter.

PR - well thank you, for that introduction. I am doing great man, how are you?

TM - I'm doing really well thank you. We are excited for you to come down under and play lager fest.

PR - I been to Australia a bunch of times and I have loved it. This time we are going to New Zealand, which is our first time and we are really excited and I can't wait. It's  nice to be back on the road and back in a band with some good friends to share the and travel the world with. It is amazing, I'm feeling blessed man.

TM -  What can fans expect from your first Australian tour with The Halo Effect?

PR - A lot of good times, a lot of smiling and a lot of good music. We are going to have an amazing time. We don't play that much, we don't do an eight month tour anymore, so when we come we want to make it count and wanted to take all the feelings in. We are just enjoying ourselves,  I'm not going to be spending a lot of time in the hotel room, I will be getting out to do stuff all the time. I'll be trying to eat all the good food and doing and all nice stuff you can do in Australia and New Zealand. We are going to have a really good time with our fans and hopefully put a really great show together.

TM - Is there anything you are really looking forward to doing in Australia or New Zealand or seeing anything you haven't seen before?


PR - First stop is New Zealand in Auckland and I am going to try to go to hobbiton, Lord of the Rings as I am excited to see all these sites. I know it's going to be beautiful everywhere but I'm hoping to get out in Australia. I don't really do much touristy stuff, I just want to go out and be part of the culture. I can go to a nice club, restaurant or coffee shop and just feel the fuzz of the city that I'm in. I like to take long walks and just basically be in your beautiful country and enjoy myself. I don't really have anything specific I like to do. There are a lot of cool cities and I have seen a lot of cool animals. I would like to do that again. I don't have anything specific but I know Michael knows what he wants us to do and I am just going to rely on him for what we were going to do.

TM - Having nothing to do is a wonderful thing. I like to do that when I am in your country. I like to go to the local shopping centres and local cafes just see what the culture is like outside the tourist attractions.

PR - Some of the tourist attractions are fantastic as well of course because otherwise they wouldn't be there. In Sweden I run some restaurants and a brewery, so it's a lot of planning and going out on the tour now and playing shows. I have a lot of time of not doing anything really. I don't want to plan anything I just take it as it comes and enjoy myself along the way.

TM - That sounds amazing actually and I know bands like to keep it on the wraps but what can we expect from your setlist?


PR - We only have one album out and we have played some songs before that so I guess we are going to choose a best of from that or maybe the whole album. It depends on how much time we have on stage, you never know we might throw in something new in but definitely expect us having a blast. I think we are just going out there and doing our thing and enjoying the moment and the crowd. We are going to try to interact with the audience as much as possible so I think people can expect a really good time

TM - You brought out your album and a couple of singles since then so what was your writing and recording process?

PR - The Mastermind of The Halo Effect is Niclas, he sat down and wrote the whole album by himself but he graciously put us into the whole mix taking our ideas and together adding them into songs. It makes everybody feel involved and then everyone from the band is like that's my riff, that's your riff. We just write the music he has the bigger picture of it and we add our favourite rifts to every song which makes it unique. He is an amazing songwriter but he sits the groundwork and includes my riffs and obviously he wrote a lot of stuff.

He adds Daniel's riffs and Mikaels riffs and the prepandemic restarted to writing and record some demos and we did a lot of one takes and we sent it out to one label. We wanted to work with Nuclear Blast and we had a good friend who signed us after one song and then we kept on writing. We didn't overthink anything, we brought ideas to the table and basically recorded it so it was a very relaxed environment and it was nice to have someone like Nicholas that could oversee the whole project.

TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs, what band would it be, what song would it be and would it be in your style or their style?

PR - I would want Rush to play it in their style I would like to hear them play In Broken Trust.

TM - You released a song months ago, Path of Fierce Resistance could this be a teaser for a new album?

PR - There is definitely a possibility for a new album and there is going to be a new album. We actually have a new album recorded and done, it is probably going to be released next year. There is a Lot of record company politics and Mikael has Dark Tranquility. They are releasing an album next year and we are going to have one new track by the end of November. I believe and then we will have a new track released early next year and it might keep going like that till the actual album drops next year.

TM - Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?

PR - I love Australia, I have always had such an amazing time there. I wish we could go there and I hope this to work kicks off a long list relationship with Australia. I really want to come back a lot it's an amazing country and thank you for all the support with all these years. Weather it's been really In Flames or whatever I have been involved in and now it's The Halo Effect, 100% and I really appreciate everyone's kind words and excitement for us coming and thank you very much.

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