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 Hi this is Amelia and Elizabeth Thompson from Twinmusix, We got to speak to Mark Kelson (Vocals / Guitar) from The Eternal about their upcoming album and more.


TM - What can fans expect from your Australian Tour?

MK - Well we are just coming to our last show this weekend in Adelaide, but you can expect an epic and heavy set, we will of course be featuring material from ‘Waiting For The Endless Dawn’ but also dipping back into some of our earlier material.


TM - How did you pick your setlist from touring?


MK - when you have six albums it’s always hard to put a set together, that’s a lot of material to cover in a hour or so, Particularly as we are featuring the 20 minute track ‘The Wound’ from our new album. On our last tour it was more of a retrospective, on this tour we are just trying to put a heavy atmosphere together, this means we haven’t been so focused on covering all albums, but just putting together a cohesive set.


TM - You brought out your new album towards the end of last year, how have fans responded?

MK - The response has been great, considering it was 5 years since the release of our last album, we couldn’t be happier, we have been getting great reviews all over the world, and as we had made some bold moves like opening the album with a 20 minute track, it was kind of risky but it seems to have paid off, it has really inspired us to get to work on our new album.


TM - What was your recording and writing process of your new album?

MK -Well I am sound engineer / producer by trade so its all done at my studio, a lot of the studio process and writing was handled by myself and guitarist Richie Poate, he has been in the album coming up 3 years, but we have a really good creative process together, so although the album took 3 years to record and mix and at times got a bit overwhelming it was a really enjoyable process once Richie joined the band and took on the role as co-producer with me, I had always handled a lot of this alone, I think it helped add another dimension to the album.


TM - Who designed your album cover for your new album and what is the meaning behind it?


MK -Barnel Photography in America, I think it sums up the title really well, it shows a woman in a bleak environment looking into the distance, Its also the last track on the album, which also has a hopeful feeling to it, so I think the cover ‘Waiting For The Endless Dawn’ shows we can be in a dark place but we all try to hold a glimmer of hope.


TWINMUSIX SIGNATURE QUESTION- If you could have any band perform one of your songs, which band would it be, which song would it be and would it be in your style or theirs?

MK -Oh that’s a good one! Well I could say a metal band like Amorphis or something, but wouldn’t it be cool to hear a classic act the ‘the beatles’ do something like ‘Rise From Agony’ haha

TM - If you could collaborate with any band, who would it be and why?

MK -Probably one of the ones that influenced us when we started out like Anathema or My Dying Bride, just because they influenced what we do when we were kidsJ We have been lucky enough to tour with some of these bands!

TM - What is your favourite memory watching a different band perform live?

MK - Words: First time I saw Amorphis in Finland in a small club was cool. First time I was Anathema was when we played with them in Mexico and that was just a super fun experience!

TM - What is your favourite tour memory, can you tell us a story?

MK - There have been a few, but I remember one club show in Japan, that was just so awesome, it was a small club and we had played bigger, but the energy of the crowd packed into that small room was soon great! It was also on our first trip to Japan.


TM - What advice would you give to any up and coming bands?

MK - Just to understand the industry is very different these days, not many labels do artist development anymore, smaller ones expect you to have an almost complete product these days, so you need to work hard, be professional and most of all do it for the love of music.

TM - Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

MK - If you haven’t already please check out our new album ‘Waiting For The Endless Dawn’ and hope to see you at enigma bar in Adelaide this weekend!

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