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Twinmusix got to speak Rufus Tiger from The Darkness about their upcoming Australian tour and more. 
TM - What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

RT - It is going to be better this time. We think about the production side of things now. I think it is going to be quite impressive. We have played a new song at the last few shows and everyone was quite impressed. 
TM - What was it like playing with Ed Sheeran?
RT - It was brilliant, it is not the type of crowd that we are use to playing, it was a younger crowd. It was brilliant, he is a really big Darkness fan and the first song he learnt was one of ours.
TM - I saw you guys play in the UK, at the charity hospital gig with Toto. It was a fantastic gig. 
RT - That gig went quite well, Justin told everyone to come and stand up the front and have a good time. Then security told everyone to sit in their seats and we were on our best behavior.

TM - That was a great gig, I had fun.
RT - That will be us in Sydney, we will be on our best behavior.
TM - Nah, we want to see you have fun at your Australian gigs. Hopefully you will go to Frankie's Pizza in Sydney.
RT - I love that place.

TM - We do too.  How have fans responded to your first two songs of your new album coming out on October 4th?
RT - The response to Rock and Roll deserves to Die video has been great, especially if you play it through your headphones.
TM - That's cool man. What was your writing and recording process for your new album?
RT - It was pretty long but good. It took 8 months to record. Sorry, I'm in traffic someone cut me off.
TM - That's not cool, What do you drive?
RT - A Toyota land cruiser.
TM - Do you go four-wheel driving?
RT - Yeh sometimes.
TM - I love four-wheel driving. Do you have a snorkel on it?
RT - No, I don't go in water that deep.
TM - Good choice, water wrecks your engine. If you do go through it make sure you check how deep it is first if you can.


RT - Thanks for the tip, I will. 
TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs what band would it be, which song would it be and would it be in your style or theirs?
RT - That is a great question. I would like to see Stevie Wonder's band play one of our songs. 
TM - If you could collaborate with any artists who would it be and why?
RT - It would be cool to work with Jack White, it would be cool to see how it comes out.
TM - What's your favorite memory of watching someone else perform live?
RT - I watched Red Hot Chili Peppers a couple of years ago on the side of the stage and I was watching them smashing the s*** out of everything. He accidentally hit himself in the lip and his lip blew up and started bleeding everywhere.


TM - That is crazy, I hope he was ok.  Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?
RT - We can't wait for this album to be released and we're proud of it. It is a really special album and hopefully, we see everyone I'll show in Australia.

TM - Thank You for this call today, we cannot wait to see you in Australia. 


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