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The Charlatans Review


The Charlatans were formed in 1988 by Martin Blunt in England and are an Indie Rock band. There have been a lot of changes to line up over the years except all the changes have lead them to great success. The band's current line-up consists of lead vocalist Tim Burgess, guitarist Mark Collins, Martin Blunt on bass and Tony Rogers keyboardist. 


The Charlatans released thirteenth studio albums "Different days" last year and it charted in the Top 40 of the UK Albums Charts, they have been touring this album and last night we got to hear some songs off it at their show.


Last night The Charlatans played at the Metro to an almost sold out audience, and they put on an Amazing show. Tim Burgess walked out on stage and he filmed the audience on his phone, everyone was really excited to be filmed and they raised their hands up in the air and cheered. Tim said "Hello Sydney" the crowd cheered ones again and The Charlatans jumped straight into their first song "Totally Eclipsing" the atmosphere of the venue was so energetic that it made you want to dance along and it set a brilliant mood for the entire night.


The next song up was Emilie and everyone knew what the song was instantly,  as you looked out over the crowd everyone was singing the lyrics and having the time of their lives. The Charlatans proceeded with the hits you know and love, one to another was next, to be followed by not forgotten, So oh and Just when.


As the crowd were so enthusiastic Tim asked the crowd to put there arms up and everyone started swaying there arms back and forward to the music. Tim said to the crowd we love coming, as the crowd cheered Tim continued to play In the tall grass, let the good times, different days, plastic machinery and weirdo.


The Charlatans sang these hits You couldn't keep the crowd still as the band were playing so many hits from there the whole career. The band continued to play Talking the Tones, North Country, The only one i know and Come home baby. 


The Charlatans put their in instruments down walked off stage and the crowd starts cheering for one more song but they didn't only play one song to finish off a amazing night they played three more songs which were Indefinitely, Over Rising and Sproston Green.


As The Charlatans thanked the crowd and said they will come back to Sydney soon, the crowd cheered and no one wanted to leave the venue, everyone had an amazing night and I will definitely see there show next time they come to Sydney. 



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