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The Chameleons formed in 1981 in Middleton England, John Lever was the original drummer for the chameleons got the attention of the legendary Radio 1 DJ John Peel, this lead to their first single, "In Shreds" and was released in1982. 


The Chameleons went on to release their debut album, "Script of the Bridge", which was recorded in Rochdale during a six week period. The band was upset and frustrated as their record producer cut down this album to a shorter version. The Chameleons  proced to record their second album, "What Does Anything Mean? Basically", as they had to honour their contract. 


They proceeded to sign with Geffen, and recorded "Strange Times", little did they know that this would be their last album for 15 years due to Tony's death.

In 2000 the band reformed and recorded there album 'Strip', this album featured older material and was reworked in an acoustic format. They continued by producing  ‘Why Call It Anything’ which was written and recorded between September 2000 to May 2001, this was their first glimpse of new material since the 1990's.


‘This Never Ending Now’ was The Chameleons sixth album and consists of acoustic reworking’s of songs from their early albums and singles as well as featuring David Bowie's "Moonage Daydream".


This weekend The Chameleons played their last Australian show at the factory theatre  with Reg Smithies on Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Dave Fielding on Electric and Acoustic Guitar and Mark Burgess on lead Vocals and Bass.

As the Lights dimmed The Chameleons came on stage, they started off with a joke and told their fans “They had to save up to come here as it was so expensive, he also said Thank You to the audience for attending Australian show in years. They jumped into their first song “Don't fall” and the audience sing to chorus and dance to music.


The next song was “Person”, at the beginning of this song the Drummer held his stix up above his head and hit them together four to count Mark in. Mark had his back towards the audience as he was watching the drummer count him in, then he turned around and the crowd started singing every lyric with him. 

The next song ‘Here today’ it made the crowd go crazy, in middle of song the audience started swaying back and forth and they really got into the music.

The drummer kicked off the next song “Monkey land” then Mark joined in on the bass. The rest of the band joined in  and the crowd put their fists up in the air at the end of the song everyone started cheering and clapping, The Chameleons got so excited about the positive attitude of the crowd and they  jumped straight into the song “Inwardly”. The enthusiasm continued on through the next three songs “Perfume, Thursday's and Human”


 Mark stopped the show to talk to his fans; he said "I never thought this day would come, what a reaction (as the fans cheered and clapped) thank you so much". The crowd were really excited to have such humble words said to them. As they started playing “Escactor” mark started jumping along to the song while playing his bass and they continued to “Soul”. The stage went dark and The Chameleons walked off the stage, the crowd started cheering for more, the lights came back on and everyone got really excited as they came on stage for their encore they sang “Second Skin, Singing Rule Britannia and View From a Hill”.


The Chameleons defiantly left a great impression on me, they were so humble and really appreciated their fans came to see them play live. It was a great show and I would recommend seeing them live. 

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