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After performing at the sold-out Splendour in the Grass Festival The Bronx performed at The Metro in Sydney last night with support bands High Tension and Private Function. These bands got the crowd filled with energy as they eagerly waited for the Bronx to come and tear down the house.


The Bronx have seven studio albums between the main band and their side project Mariachi El Bronx. The band are a true punk rock and had an amazing show, full of energy. The enthusiasm carried out on stage rubbed Off onto the fans and it was one mental night that was off the charts. Frontman Matt Caughthran made this show an exciting night for everyone who attended as he crowd surfed, jumped up and down and got the fans involved in every single way.


The Bronx kicked off the night with "The Unholy Hand" this song was off the charts as the fans started moshing right from the word go, The Bronx continued with "Sore Throat" and Matt jumped into the crowd and started crowd surfing as everyone put their hands up to support Matt, you could only anticipate what was going to happen next.


When Matt got back on stage the fans started crowd surfing in masses and The Bronx continued on with "Shitty Future". An array of songs followed on after this as you got to hear twenty songs of their catalog. The Bronx performed "Under The Rabbit, Youth Wasted, Two Birds, Kinfe Man and Broken Arrow" among many of there other songs. Among all the songs the band spoke to their fans and said Happy Birthday to one of their fans in the audience.  


Watch the video to find out what The Bronx said

The Bronx walked off stage and everyone started screaming "one more song" and it quickly changed to "three more songs". The Bronx closed the nightclub with three more songs "I Got Chills, Stranger Danger and History's Stranglers". The Bronx put on and amazing show full of fun, energy and excitement. If you haven't bought a ticket, you should definitely buy one now!





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