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Twinmusix got to speak to Matt Caughthran from the Bronx about there upcoming Australian tour and more.


TM - What are you most looking forward to about living in Australia?

MC - looking forward to playing music but I really want to go to the beach and jump in the ocean and catch up with some friends.


TM - That sounds fun, hopefully you get some time to do that.



TM - What can we expect from your Australian tour?

MC - Expect the unexpected is what they like to say, right it is going to be a classic Bronx s*** show, you know it's going to be, loud, in your face and fills your heart with joy. You might leave sore sweaty or with a black eye but thenext day you're going to wake up and think about all the good choices that you're making in your life.


TM - haha, that sounds like so much fun, I look forward to seeing one of your shows.


TM - There was a show that you opened up with a magician is there anything like that we can expect?

 MC - We aren't going to have a magician on this tour but we do have private function and high tension which are two great bands every given that you never know what's going to happen at a show so everything is possible.


TM - You released your new album last year Yo Gabba Gabba Hey how have fans responded to this?

MC - Great and they loved it, we worked really hard on the record they love it and we love it too and it's been well received.

TM - What was your writing and recording process on Yo Gabba Gabba Hey?

MC - We wrote for about 2 months and recorded for about a month we knocked it out fairly quickly. We worked with Rob on this record, he's a great dude and a great producer he gets great sound and has a good ear and really makes our record unique.


TM - What is your favourite thing about working with Rob?

MC - His gear he's got all this crazy vintage gear guitars pedals and all this stuff to make it sounds completely different and hes awesome to work with.



TM - That would be awesome to see all that gear.

 TM - If you could have any band play one of your song's which band would it be which song would it be and would it be in your style or there Style?

MC - Bon jovi doing Heart Attack American.

 TM - You have toured with a lot of different bands can you tell us a crazy tour story?

MC - There's a million crazy tour stories, on the flight over here I forgot I had mushrooms in my pocket and I almost took them on an international flight. That would have been a big mistake so I ate them all instead and I was hallucinating Out of My Mind the entire flight over here.

 TM - So you have a good time then (laughs)

MC - yeah I thought I was flying the plane.


TM - That is a pretty good story, lucky you didn't get caught.

TM - What's your favourite memory of watching another band perform live?

MC - Seeing big bands and small bands is awesome. We saw Eddie Van Halen when they first got back together we also got to see Tony Bennett live and then fans watching them live is amazing. I saw Misfits and Ironfest in that was really good.


TM - That is Awesome!! I love Van Halen. I would love to see The Misfits again, they got back together and are doing some shows in the states.


MC - I have to check that out.

 TM - Is there anything else you would like to announce to your fans?

MC - life is a beautiful thing and we appreciate all the support that we get from our fans here in Australia.


TM - Thank you so much for this interview today,  we really appreciate it,  see you in Australia




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