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The Black Dahlia Murder


The Black Dahlia Murder are a Melodic Death Metal band formed in Detroit, Michigan, USA in 2001. The band consits of Brian Eschbach − Guitar, Vocals, Trevor Strnad − Vocals, Max Lavelle − Bass Guitar, Alan Cassidy - Drums and Brandon Ellis - Lead Guitar. The Black Dahlia Murder performed at The Factory last night and they put on a crazy show full of circle pits, head banging and metal.  Aborted and Zeolite kicked off the night for The Black Dahlia Murder and they ripped us the stage with extreme music, that made you excited for The Black Dahlia Murder. 

The Black Dahlia Murder took to the stage, as Frontman Trevor took the stage the crowd went crazy with cheers of excitement and anticipation of what was about to come. Widowmaker kicked off the night with a bang. The next three songs were Of God and Serpent, of Spectre and Snake, Matriarch, Malenchantments of the Necrosphere, Nightbringers, Jars and Kings of the Nightworld. Trevor interacted with the crowd the whole set, as he reached into the crowd to shake everyones hands.


Trevor stopped the set and said "obviously we have been playing some new shit, can we play some old shit for you" as the crowd screamed in excitement The Black Dahlia Murder continued to play Miasma. Trevor then said "It is good to see all of you tonight, make some noise" as the crowd cheers he says "we have been here so many times, cheer if you have seen us in Sydney with Amon Amarth. 


The Black Dahlia Murder continued the night with a selection of their hits including Catacomb Hecatomb, The Lonely Deceased, On Stirring Seas of Salted Blood, What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse and Deathmask Divine.  The last song of the night was I Will Return, as the crowd were head banging to every lyric and you knew they had the time of her life. The Black Dahlia Murder put on one hell of a show and they were so greatful that all their fans had come out to see them play live. If you haven't seen one of their crazy shows full of energy i suggest you go and see one today.


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