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Black Dahlia Murder Interview


Black Dahlia Murder  are a Melodic Death Metal from Detroit, Michigan, USA. The band were formed in 2001 and have released thirteen albums over there career. The band consists of Brian Eschbach with Guitar and Vocals, Trevor Strnad Vocals, Max Lavelle playing Bass Guitar, Alan Cassidy on Drums and Brandon Ellis on Lead Guitar.

Twinmusix got to talk to Trevor Strnad from Black Dahlia Murder about their Australian tour and more.


TM - What can fans expect from your Australian tour?


TS - Fans can expect some fun sweaty and exciting shows with Aborted they have some a new album in the pipes.



TM - How did you pick your setlist for this tour?


TS - It's going to be heavy on the Nightbringer stuff that is the new album. We will be trying to touch on everything we will also be playing some of our classics



TM - How did you come up with your video for Nightbringers?


TS - We shot the Nightbringers video on tour at summer slaughter, it was done by Vince from metal blade he just followed us around for a few days and filmed it came out really cool.



TM - You created a book with all your artwork in what was the inspiration behind this?


TS - The book is solely Dans art, he has been our artists for a long time. He has made t-shirts for us and he has established a look for our art. Overall the Fans have been going crazy for it because they really like the artwork.



TM - What's your favourite piece of artwork out of the book?


TS - For me it is The Wolfman shirt, it is one of the biggest shirts we've ever done.



TM - You're playing 70000 tons of metal yet next year what are you looking forward to the most?


TS - Seeing a lot of bands that I wouldn't normally get to see. There is a lot of power metal bands on the bill that I am excited for it, so i plan on staying up all night and partying.



TM- That is Awesome! I have not been on 70000 tons of metal yet unfortunately. A few of my mates have been, they said it was amazing and they didn’t get any sleep as they were up all night partying.



TS- That is the plan


TM- Awesome man, enjoy


TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song and in your style or theirs?


TS - At the Gates or carcass in our style because our style is there Style



TM - What's the best band you have seen Live?


TS - Stevie Wonder at a festival in Denmark and there were 60000 people watching him.


TM- Sweet dude, that would have been a sight to see. What a great experience.


TM - If you could have one song as a biography title what would it be and why?


TS - Everything went black and that has to do with the Alcoholic nature of the band



TM - Can you tell us any crazy tour stories?


TS - A fan asked me to spit in his face but I wouldn't do it. I have had some pretty crazy requests that I would never do.



TM - Is there anything else you'd like to announce to your fans?


TS - Everyone should be ready for a long set around an hour and 20 minutes.



TM- Thank you so much fort the interview today! I can’t wait to see you guys in Sydney.

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