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Texas Hippie Coalition are the purveyors of their own patented Red Dirt Metal sound: designing their own line in life and in music. For them, there is no other way. Texas Hippie Coalition are committed to crafting a unique, original and thoroughly raucous brand of music that’s born of both life experience and a respect for rock ‘n’ roll’s forefathers.

What exactly is Red Dirt Metal? Take outlaw country, toss in a dash of Southern-fried classic rock and mix it with some potent Texas power grooves and you’ve got a combustible sonic cocktail on your hands.

We got to speak to Big Dad Ritch from Texas Hippie Coalition about their upcoming album and more.

TM - Hey, This is Amelia from Twinmusix, Thank You for taking this call with me today.  How are you?


BDR - You are welcome. I am good, how are you?


TM - I am good, Thank You.


BDR - What is the time over there?


TM - It is 9 am here, how about you, where are you located?


BDR - It is 11 am here, I am from Texas. 


TM - Nice man, so what is your favorite thing about living in Texas?


BDR -  Just the wild west.


TM - Nice man, It is on my bucket list, I will come over one day.  I have been to LA, San Francisco, Hawaii, and New York.


BDR - That is a good selection, except you, have to come here. 


TM - I should probably ask you some questions. How did fans respond to your new album High in the Saddle?


BDR - We have had our fans since the beginning and they are very happy with the album. This album is gathering a lot of fans attention and It is nice to have new fans to come and join the family. When people see us they don't know what to think about sometimes. I wear rock and roll gear and sometimes I go in in heavy metal gear. One time I was in a music store and I saw my album in the country music section, they must have seen the cowboy hat and thought that must go right here.


TM - (laughs) that is cool, I like country music. If I saw your CD in the country music section I would say okay what is this and pick it up. 


BDR - My two biggest influences of Waylon and Willie. The songs that we had that a storytelling, so like moonshine it comes from the good old Outlaws.


TM - You are also called Red Dirt metal how did this come about?

BDR -  Up here in Oklahoma, the dirt is not brown, it is red. So red that the river that runs through here is red. All the country bands from around here are called record Red Dirt country. We ended up playing with some of them and because we are heavy metal but still have that storytelling music. They called us Red Dirt Metal, at first I thought it was funny and took it with a sense of humor. Then I was like, everyone has created a genre for us. The first Red Dirt Metal band. 


TM - I was watching an interview yesterday and in this interview, I heard you say that you just say you are going to tour with bands even if you have nothing set up yet. I laughed when I heard this and think it is awesome that it has worked for you. Who is your next tour with?


BDR - It is funny because I started this lie told everyone that we are going to open up for Black Label Society. Black Label Society had no clue who we were, except the tour, had been talked about so much that Black label society's manager rang my manager and said: "Hey, what's up with you guys and talking about how you are going to tour with us". We ended up doing eight shows with them.


Then I started lying and telling everyone that we were going to open for Lynyrd Skynyrd and Lynyrd Skynyrd gave us eight shows with them. Then I lied about Judas Priest and they gave up two shows. Now I have been lying and telling everyone that we are going to open for AC/DC in the future, so hopefully, it will happen.


TM - I love AC/DC, they are a great band. 


BDR - Me too, I especially love the song Back in Black.


TM - What can we expect from your show with AC/DC?


BDR - We were doing an interview with a Hockey guy and he asked us weird things, like what was it like winning the Stanley Cup and what was the atmosphere like. I said it's like being at a Rock and Roll show, like a Texas Hippie Coalition show. 

If you get to see a hockey game live and the guys get picked up against the glass and stop fighting it's like the energy in the arena is crazy that's what our show is like, it is that level of intensity. If you come and see one of our shows except that I'm the Big Red Bull and you ain't going to last 8 seconds.


TM - That sounds amazing, I cannot wait to see you tour with AC/DC. 


TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be, which song would it be and would it be in your style or their Style?


BDR -  If I had my song performed by somebody, I would want it to be to Stacy Top because it's another great Texas band.


TM - Are you coming to Australia anytime soon 


BDR - Not yet, but hopefully someday in the future. Don't you guys have hates of creepy-crawlies down there?


TM - We have these things called Drop Bears. They are bear that falls from the trees and onto your head and you can't get them off.


BDR - That is crazy, I will have to be careful for them. 


TM - (laughs)  I'm joking but you can tell the rest of your band members that we have them down here.


BDR - (laughs)  I'll have to tell them about them.


TM - Yeah and if they Google them they will come up in your google search so you can show them what they look like. 


BDR - (laughs) I will show them pictures of them and tell them about DropBears. 


TM - Awesome, I think you have another interview now. Thank you for the interview today, it was nice to talk to you and hopefully, we see you in Australia soon.


BDR - Thank you, Amelia, you were awesome to talk to.

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