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Twinmusix got to speak to Chuck Bill from Testament about their new album and more. 

TM - Hi Chuck Thank you for having this interview with us today, how are you?

CB - I am good, how are you?

TM - I just the biggest question on people's mind is, how are you going after coronavirus?


CB - It has been 2 or 3 weeks now since we have been home, we are feeling better. We got tested 3 days after we got home from the tour and we had to wait 8 days for the results. We all had the same symptoms and assumed something was going on, then we had to quarantine ourselves for three weeks.


TM - What was your writing and recording process for your new album Titans of Creation?


CB - This record was an easier to record than the last record. It was way quicker and we went into the studio and created it on the spot, which was fun.


TM - Who Designed your Album cover for Titans of Creation and what was the meaning behind it?


CB - Our Artist who we have working with since 2008. There is not a story behind the artwork of the record. We had the picture before we came up with the name of the record. We choose the name of the album a week before the record was due.


TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs what band would it be, what song would it be and in your style or their style?


CB - I would like to see Metallica play Into The Pit, that would be pretty cool.


TM - I love Metallica, I was in the Snakepit in the UK and it was pouring rain. The water was flicking in the air off the drum kits looked so awesome. 


TM - What was your favourite memory of watching someone else perform live?


CB - I think it would be, the first time I saw his life and Gene Simmons.



TM - That is cool, I saw KISS on their Japan run. The new show was awesome. 


TM - KISS are a great band live and they put on a fantastic show.


Fan Questions

TM - Since we are talking about KISS I have a question from one of your fans. What is your favourite KISS album?


CB - My favourite KISS album is probably KISS Alive. When you are that young and see that album cover you just take it in and that's it. They had a bunch of great songs and the production on the album was killer.


TM - How do you do anything to preserve his voice? You just sounds better and better. You sounded phenomenal on Brotherhood of the Snake and Titans of Creation. You are an absolute powerhouse. Not many vocalists get better the older they get.


CB - I don't think I preserve it. I think I just write songs that are better for my range at the time. I write them and I think the songs that Eric wrote this record pushed me outside of my box vocally. I think because of that it made most of the song is creative on the spot.


TM - The first time you came to Australia you were wearing an Exodus t-shirt who else do you like to support?


CB - I like to support a lot of Bay area bands and the Raders, but they are the Vegas Readers now.


TM - That new Stadium is massive and they've nowhere to put a car park.

CB - I think they are putting in a small one somewhere near the venue. The Raiders have always been known for the tail get home parties, so it's a shame that that history is gone.


TM - If you had to play another band song who would it be and why?


CB - It would probably be Thin Lizzie and any song off Live. Dangerous would be cool.


TM - How was it playing Dubai Desert Rock Festival in 2006, how was the crowd and everything in general?


CB - It was fun meeting bands from all over that region. They still look like metalheads with their black bands T-shirts and long black hair. The crowd was great, It was a fantastic festival to play.


TM - I haven't been to Dubai yet, how is it?


CB - It was pretty cool, we jumped around to a whole bunch of different restaurants. The light up the streets there, it was pretty trippy. We went to a bunch of nightclubs and saw people pull up in their Lamborghinis and getting out in their Sheikh robes.


TM -  Do you believe in the theories you write about or do they just make for some bad-ass lyrics?


CB - Yeah, most of the personal things that make you think about the possibility of things. Our songs are stories that happened, there's a lot of personal stuff on our albums.


TM - On your album Load, track number 9 you have a song called Urotsukidôji, what does it mean?


CB - I'm not sure Eric came up with that title and it's just instrumental. I think we just came up with it for now Japanese run.


TM - Are you planning to reschedule Australia for next year?


CB - Yeah, I hope so. Hopefully, if they race until Download they will keep us in mind.


TM - Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?


CB - We apologize, we couldn't make it this year to Download but we hope to reschedule as soon as things get back to normal. we also had to cancel America and we are waiting to see what's happening with our European run. planning a tour of September but we will see what happens.

TM - Thank You for this interview today, we really appreciate it. 


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