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TECH N9NE is the biggest independent selling Hip Hop artist of all time and last night TECH N9NE played in Sydney at the Metro thanks to Metropolis Touring. TECH N9NE put on an impressive set and he made the night a true experience for his fans.


TECH N9NE kicked of the night with Anti and psycho as the crowd danced to the opening tracks you knew you were in for a great night. TECH N9NE stopped and said "What up Sydney, they call me" and the fans energetically respond with TECH N9NE.


Then TECH N9NE said "Make some mother fucking noise for Krizz Kaliko and they fans screamed with excitement as he ran onto the stage. The next song up was Stamina and TECH N9NE said "There is a lot of people in here think they should be moshing right now." As everyone said "yeah" they started a huge mosh pit and everyone was excited.


He continued the night with such hits as It's alive, Fresh out, Stoz and Spaz. TECH N9NE stared talking his fans and said"There are some Crazy mf over here tonight, since we are all going crazy here tonight say nang nang"



Krizz Kaliko then says "I love you Sydney make some noise for the number one independent rapper tech TECH N9NE.


TECH N9NE finished off his 28 song set with Everybody, Don't Nobody and Hood, everyone cheered and no one wanted to leave the venue. The crowd had a fantastic night and if you get a chance i definitely recommend going to one of their shows, it was definitely one of the most enjoyable gigs i have been to in a long time.


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