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The hunna

What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

  A classic rock show, a lot of energy, and a lot of singalongs. A classic rock show!

What stage gear do you use?

  We are endorsed by Marshall and Fender so we use Marshall amps and Fender guitars, Standard rock set up.

What was your experience like playing Reading Festival?

 It was very special for us because it was a year since the album came out, we were at Reading and that’s when our first album was released and to be at Reading again and this time being on the main stage headlining was amazing. It was one of the best shows of the year for us.

  In 2016 you released the album 1000, what was it like working with Tim and Duncan Mills?

It's been awesome working with them! They're very clever and talented guys, we have a good relationship with them. When you’re meeting new people and working with new people you don't always get along with everyone, we have now been longtime friends with them and works really well with them.

 What's your music writing process?

 Myself and Dan the guitarist met at college, and started the band together there but they were under a different name. Our members have always been changing so myself and Dan right a majority of our music, I do the lyrics, then we take it to rehearsal and work on it there sometimes the other band members have ideas as well.

How do you decide what goes on the final version of your album?

We just go through the ideas and the songs that we have, then we choose what ones feel right for the time and what we want to get a across  for the album. Some of the songs we had for the first album but saved for the second album.

What's your favorite song to play live?

Bad For You is our favorite song.

If you could have any band play one of your songs, which band and in your style or there's?

 Kings of Leon playing Singing Siren in their style.

  How did you come up with your video clip for Summer?


We all sat down and listen to the track when we write our song as we have meaning behind them from experiences that we have had in the time that we have released the previous album up until now. It's about the lyrics and the meaning behind them, we had this idea and a few references of us looking back on our summer of which we didn't forget.

What's your favourite moment with your fans?

  There was a Festival in London called Community Festival that we did this year, it’s the biggest festival we have done so far with 25,000 people. We had no idea that that many people would be there to see us so that was super cool and the show was sick, we went down to the barrier after this so and some guy put a Taco Bell hat on my head and said it was his mission to get me to wear that hat and he managed to.

What bands influenced your style of music?

 Kings of Leon, Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy.

 Do you ever make any mistakes on stage and if you do how do you fix them?

  Once, I fell over into the drums and then I tried to remember how to play guitar which is not easy.

How did you come up with your band name?

 We all have a big hip hop influence and in hip hop they say keep it Hannah which means 100, so keep it 100 percent and stay true to yourself. One day after a friends party we were trying to think of a name and someone said Hunna and and we said that's it.

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