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Sworn in
Twinmusix chat with Sworn In about their Australian tour

what can fans expect from your Sydney show?

A pretty crazy show, we are very energetic on stage but so are a lot of other bands.  Very theatrical and dark that's what you can expect.

How did you come up with your album cover for all smiles?

That was Tyler he found a creepy old painting in someone's house. He took a picture of it and manipulated it and edited it to what it is now.

How was touring with Slayer?

That was two years ago and unfortunately we didn't get to meet any of them, it was Mayhem festival they had a main stage and other stages, the crews were all separate.

What is your music writing process?

I wrote all the music at home in a program, I record the demos at home. This is one of the first record's I wrote with someone else. Derek our bassist I did track 8 and 9 with.

Do you have a favourite song on your new record?

Closer to me I came up with a chorus to it and a guy called Chris we were recording with said that needs to become a song. In the next few days I had to piece together a song in the studio on the spot out of the chorus.

How long does it take you to record a whole Cd?

Generally a month due to experience not longer than that.

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song would it be which song and in your style or there's?

Any rap or pop artists cover one of our songs and it would have to be a fitting song so if it was a pop artist closer to me would be great, if it was a rap artist it would be cool for them to take one of our heavier songs and rewrite it.

How do you decide what songs to play on tour and your set list?

It's a good mix of what songs we are pushing and what kids react well to. We don't change the set list often.

How was your band name and logo?

Our old bassist proposed the idea. The nail it was a concept of our first cd and we hired one of our friends to do the logo after that Tyler reworked the logo to what it is now.

What's your favourite gig memory?

I really liked when we toured Montreal the first day we were there we weren't playing but Metallica was playing we hung around and watched them play a festival and we played the festival the next day.

Did you start off with covers or your own music?

We started on covers with bands like Avenged Sevenfold and bands like that. And after that we started working on original music.

Tell us a random fact your fans don't know about you?

We are a very young band we have been doing this science we were 17. We are also less serious then we put off.

What advice does to any upcoming bands?

Be mature about what people expect from you but stay true to your music you don't want to make a distinct genuine product.

Do you write music on the road?

It's a bit of half and half the 2nd record was written while we were touring Europe the first time and I wrote it on a laptop. 1st and 3rd record was written at home.

Is there anything else you would like to announce to your fans?

There is going to be a 4th record there's going to be a lot for the older fans to be excited about. It's nice to bring it back full circle.
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