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TM - Hi, This is Amelia and Elizabeth from Twinmusix and we are here with Liam from Svalbard. Thank You for having this interview with us today.

LM - Thank You.

TM - Are you excited to come to Australia?

LM - We are very excited to come down. I worked out from talking to a couple of people that we are coming down to Australia at the right time weather wise.

TM - It depends if you like hot weather.

LM - Nope, I am a very pink man it is probably best that I stay out of the sun.

TM - Lots of sunscreen.

LM - I always do even in winter.

TM - what can fans expect from your set?

LM - A few of these songs from our new album. The Weight
of the Mask some of these songs from the last album and some of our old songs just to mix it up. I think most people in Australia know our most recent albums.

TM - How did fans react to your new album The Weight of the Mask?

LM - It has been an incredible reception I feel like we are getting more fans every time we release an album. I feel like our music is getting out there and being received well by people and people are resonating with our music and the lyrics.

TM - What was your writing and recording process for your new album?

LM - It was easy because we all lived in Bristol but in the pandemic. I moved to London and at the tail end of the pandemic, Serena moved to London as well. We were writing this new record two of us in London two of us in Bristol so Serena and I would meet up and do the riffs and guitar work and we would take it to Bristol and set everything up there. It was a different process from our other albums before we would all write in the room together.

TM - How did you come up with your album cover and is there a meaning behind it?

LM - The Weight of the Mask album cover is someone taking their mask off, it's about how you present yourself even when you're not feeling the same way on the inside. It's about hiding what's on the inside well maintaining a positive exterior and how that weighs on you to not be a burden to someone else or press on anyone else what you're feeling that's the idea of the album title and cover to reflect that.

TM - Are you working on any new music for any new albums?

LM - We haven't started a new album. We are in the process of working on sets for different tours but we have been jamming and hopefully later this year we will have some new ideas for a new album.

TM - Do you write any music while you are on the road or do you leave it for home?

LM - When we are on the train from London to Europe we have about 40 minutes when we are going through the tunnel and I have an iPad with GarageBand on it and reset ourselves a challenge where we have to write a song on our tablet in that amount of time. The subject is always stupid and the music is always stupid. It is just a fun little thing we do on tour but other than that we don't write on tour.

TM - That's cool do you ever put it online so people can listen to it?

LM - Only on my personal Instagram.

TM - You have to put it on more platforms, so everyone can hear it.

LM - Maybe we will just do an album of Euro Tunnel songs. We will have to get the iPad out through any tunnel we go through and be like quick write a song keep an eye out we might do that.

TM- We will keep an eye out for your Euro Tunnel album.

TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs, what band would it be, what song would it be and would it be in your style or their style?

LM - I think Mogwai doing one over our songs, or maybe a mashup of more post-rock elements of our songs and turning them into something greater than we could ever do.

TM - What's your favourite memory of watching someone else perform, live can you tell us a story?

LM - I saw Slipknot on their first UK tour and it was pretty incredible. The first time I saw Mew the Danish rock band was probably one of the most magical experiences I had ever had.

TM - what was the first ever band or artist you saw as a child and did it inspire you to play music?

LM - The first band I ever saw live was Superjunk and Sand Club. I went with my friend from school and I wasn't expecting the bass to be that loud and vibrate to through my body, it was quite an eye opening and amazing experience.

TM - Do you have a favourite memory with your fans?

LM - Just the energy going through the room when we play for everyone, it's a real eye-opening experience and just watching everyone lose it. The music is the emotions that you feel and get into the Vibe of the music. It is really hard to explain it's a connection to the music with the people in the room.

TM - Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?

LM - Thank You for supporting us, thank you for buying our albums and coming to see us live. We have gotten to a point now feel like we are getting more successful and I'm grateful for everyone supporting us.

TM - Thank You for having this interview with us today.

LM - Thank you.

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