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Summer Breeze the “Metal Thunderstorm” originally started in 1997 in Baden-Württemberg. It was celebrated here for years until it took a wild turn for the best and moved to Dinkelsbühl in Middle Franconia (Bavaria), little did everyone know that that would expand into such a big metal festival.


In 2017 Twinmusix went global as we represented Sydney Australia for Hellfest, now we want to expand to every corner of the globe! Twinmusix want to represent Summer Breeze and bring all the latest news from Bavaria to Australia and around the world.

From the 15th to the 18th of August 2018, Twinmusix would love to attend Summer Breeze “Metal Thunder Storm”, a festival we could only dream of attending in 2018. Twinmusix are growing into an international market and we are excited to represent every school of rock and Metal when we attend this festival in 2018.


Now I’m 27 and Summer Breeze is 21 years old, I finally get to live out the dreams of my 16 year old self and experience all that Summer Breeze has to offer. This year is going to be massive and there is going to be a huge attendance of fans and a line-up that one could only dream of! The event organisers need to come to Australia and launch an event like this here, I know all our readers will go if they do. Twinmusix is super excited for such a massive festival and are excited to travel to Europe. We would love to bring a little piece of your festival to Australia!.

Summer Breeze will bring you the bands you know and love over four days, four stages and over 100 international and national acts provide permanent entertainment without long waiting times. With acts on the line-up such as Ross the Boss, Satyricon, Alien Weaponry, Orange Goblin, Alestorm, Suicidal Tendencies, Behemoth and Arch Enemy it’s a line-up that is hard to top.

We want to give our readers the chance to come into the world of festivals and show them what Summer Breeze is all about. We want them to see how Summer Breeze works and give our readers and their friends the chance we never had, we will be running a competition to allow our readers to ask their favourite bands questions in our interviews, we want our fans to interact with Summer Breeze on a personal level and we want everyone to add Summer Breeze to their bucket list. I know it’s defiantly on mine!


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