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Last night on Thursday the 22nd of March Suicidal Tendencies played at the Metro Theatre As the fans entered you knew you were in for one hell of a ride! The venue was so packed you could hardly move, the room was buzzing with excitement and everyone was chatting about how much they love Suicidal Tendencies.


As the lights went out, the crowd came alive with a sea of screams, cheers and applause for Suicidal Tendencies to come on stage. As they walked out they played the introduction to "You can't bring me down" then "Mike Muir" walked on stage and grabbed the mic and screamed "What's up Sydney, are you ready for Suicidal Tendencies!?" As the fans cheered they continued to play "You can't bring me down, I Shot Reagan and Lost Again". When you looked out into the Audience everyone was head banging and singing every lyric, it was certainly a sight to see and one that you should go and experience yourself. 


Mike stopped to ask the audience how they were going, he said "Sydney WTF is going on tonight?" As the crowd cheered Mike said "So let me get rid of those formalities real quick, show you the kind of person I am. It's so good to see each and everyone of you here tonight. We are fortunate enough to have you here because of Download, without Download we couldn't be here tonight so it's just like a bonus".

As Mike went on a tangent about Ozzy he said "Good things happen and bad thing's happen that have nothing to do with you or this song. It's about not having to deal with somebody else, it's about being the best person you can be, because everyone that you look up to that did the wrong thing they are going to try copy someone else. What the world needs is someone being the best person they can with a little hand giving the right hand to the right looser. This song was off our last record. It's about a certain person that we could change a little bit, so clap like mother f****** " and the fans start clapping Like Ozzy as Suicidal Tendencies played "Clap Like Ozzy". It was definitely an amusing spin to the gig. After this they proceeded to play "Freedumb" and "Trip At The Brain".


As Mike saw a pit forming in the crowd, he stoped to look at his fans and said into his mic "Let's get the lights on! Let's get the lights on so we can see this! I want to see Sydney represent right now! There is a party over there, so let's make some room. You know what to do, make some room for what ever the f*** you want to do! Crack a toy make some noise. I want you to all keep the power! Get your hands up! Are you ready!? Are you ready!? Get your fists up!" So the crowd threw their fists up  and rocked them side to side. 


As the crowd parted they start a pit and the energy in the room was crazy. As the crowd head banged, moshed and threw their metal horns up in the air, the atmosphere got crazy! It was a fantastic experience watching "Send me your Money, Join the Army, Possessed to Skate, I Saw Your Mommy, Cyco Vision and How Will I Laugh" live with such an enthusiastic band and crowd.

Mike proceeded to invite all the girls up on stage to rock out to a selection of songs which included "Pledge". It was amazing being on stage, I could see the audience and how packed the venue really was. All the girls were head banging with me and we had a great time. For any girls hesitating going up on stage; I definitely recommend you go! It’s a once in a life time experience that you will never forget!


As the girls got off stage, Suicidal Tendencies played "Institutionalized". After this song Mike invited everyone up on stage for their last song "Living for Life".


As Suicidal Tendencies finished their set they jumped of stage to meet their fans. It was so exciting to meet the band and it showed you that they really appreciate their fans.


Make sure you don't miss this show, it was amazing and you don't want to say one day “I wish I Saw suicidal tendencies I wish I went when they were in Sydney” so buy a ticket LINK here -

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