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Stryper were formed in southern California in 1983 and are a multi-platinum crossover Christian metal band. Last night Silverback touring brought Styper back to Australia for their “God Damn Evil” tour and Stryper graced our shores for the first time in eight years. Stryper had Amazing reviews from their sold-out Melbourne show and we could only anticipate what was coming our way.


Stryper the Yellow and Black Attack played at Sydney Max Watts and they put on a "God Damn Evil" show. Stryper shared a positive message last night and had an energetic stage presence with a passionate crowd presence.

Michael Sweet came out on stage and made an announcement to start of the show, he informed the crowd that Oz Fox unfortunately couldn't attend the show due to medical issues and they proceed to play a voice recording of Oz Fox.

As the show came to life Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet and Perry Richardson walked on stage and the fans went crazy and cheered. Michael started speaking to his fans, he held up a guitar pick and said he had been playing with the pick all week and he asked who wanted the pick, as the crowd cheered he threw the pick into the audience and the fans were excited to receive it.


Stryper kicked off the show with "Yahweh" then Michael started throwing bibles out to the fans, he told everyone that they are the new bibles with Stryper stickers and everyone was really excited to receive them. Stryper followed this by singing "The Valley" and "Calling on you" everyone sang every word, this set the tone for an exciting set.


Stryper continued the night by playing hits such as "In God We Trust", "Soldiers" and "God Damn Evil" and everyone was having a fantastic night full of metal and putting their fists in the air.



Stryper walked off stage and the crowd started yelling "Stryper" and clapped and cheered for one more song. Stryper came back on stage and played"To Hell with the Devil". Stryper played an amazing set that drew you in at every turn and I would definitely recommend going to see them live in concert.

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