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Twinmusix talk to jake from Strung out about their Australian tour and more

What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

This tour is going to be a blast. we are doing our Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues record and we were also bash out other songs of our other records.

What stage gear do you use on stage?

EVH Amps, kemper profiler, Jackson guitars, Fender Bass Amps, Fender basses and ESP guitars.

What was your writing process for black out the sky?

It's an acoustic record, so for us it was very different. we sat down with acoustic guitars and came up with some chord progressions.

What was your recording process for Black Out the sky?

It was cool, we went in and recorded it with Kyle black and brought in a Studio drummer to record the drums.

How did you come up with the album cover for Black Out the sky?

Our singer Jason put that together and he does all our album covers.

You played Travis Barker at the tattoo and music expo how did this come about?

A couple of the guys from our band were chatting with him online and they invited him up to come up on stage and do a song. We were at our gig andTravis came up and stage and nailed the song perfectly.

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band, which song and in your style or theirs?

 The Beatles playing analogue in their style.

You have stayed with Fat Wreck Chords records through your whole career can you tell us more?

We are one of the original bands on the label and they have always been very good to us, they've always been very supportive of what we've done of any changes we have done, always supported us and never questioned us on what we are doing and we've always appreciated that.

Anything else you'd like to announce to your fans.

We are super excited to come down and the band hasn't felt this good in years.
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