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Striker is a five piece metal band from Canada and were formed in 2008. The Band Members areDan Cleary - Lead Vocals, Tim Brown- Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Chris Segger - Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Adam Brown - Drums and William Wallace - Bass. Riding high on the success of their own independent label, Record Breaking Records, Striker is the fastest growing metal band out of Canada. Their Juno Nominate...d fifth album, eponymously titled Striker, is a lethal force cut from the former glory of all things heavy metal. Striker is out for blood with this album, with high profile tours across the globe with Sonata Arctica, Dark Tranquillity, Primal Fear, and more, a host of new partners, and a growing fan base; there are no brakes on this train.

Listeners are locked
in to Striker’s growing circle pit of melodies that are more catchy than the plague, musicianship more
mind blowing than a .50 calibre bullet between the eyes, and live performances with so much energy you could power an aircraft carrier. Full speed or no speed is the motto to live by, and going absolutely over the top is the only thing Striker knows.



We got to interview Tim from Striker about there upcoming album and more.

TM - What was your writing and recording process for your new album Play To Win?

Tim - We would drink a lot of beer and shred as hard as possible. We would sit down and come up with ideas lever it was Riffs or the full song then we would sit down listen to them and see what we had on the table then we would pick out the best songs and start working on those a bit more and eventually we came up with a CD turned alcohol into gold. 

TM - How is touring going?

Tim - We are on the road right now with Skullfist they are Canadian and beer drinkers. We did 16 shows of them across Europe and we just finished our last show yesterday. We are off to some more shows unfortunately
skullfist weren't able to come we were also on another tour with unleash the archers another Canadian band we love hitting the road and getting around.

TM - can you tell us a tor story?

Tim - Most of them involved body fluids or flatulence it's mostly toilet body stuff so it's not that great just trying to keep your ass clean.

TM - Do you have any crazy rules on the tour bus?

Tim - No pooping on the tour bus.

TM - How did you come up with your Album cover for Play To Win?

Tim - We were looking for an old school 80s
synthwave kind of thing we Google some artists online and got them all to do a bunch of artwork. We looked through the artwork and decided which one we like the best.

TM -  You decided to self-release your new album under no label what made you want to do this?

Tim - We were on napalm records and 3 years ago we left and decided to do our own albums. We chose to do it this way I don't see why anyone would choose to be on the label anymore every time you go into
a we talk business with other bands and everyone is so envious, I wish they could be in our position independent. 

TM - what advice would you give two bands that aren't on the label that want to start touring?

Tim - It is hard to get started but once you get started you just have to keep the ball rolling, for us he had been on the label and we had been to ring but when we left we had to start again from scratch, we even independently had booking agents that didn't want to work with us anymore and we were like ok we'll just do it by our self if you're out there doing it you're a tried to other people and the other organisations that will work with you you'll make mistakes but that's part of the learning process.

TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song and in your style or theirs?

Tim - Iron Maiden playing one of our songs in their style.

TM -  If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?

 Tim - Black Dahlia Murder did guitar on one of our songs escape from shred city monster guitar players working with that type of talent is always very exciting
lets get Yngwie Malmsteen on a track.

TM - What is your favourite memory of watchinga different bands played live?

Tim - We got to open for Metallica for their Through the Never shows so watching a band like Metallica, once you've opened up that show is pretty cool our radio ran a competition and the winner got to perform with Metallica and Metallica's management choose us so that was pretty cool.

TM -  How do you put the setlist from your tour?

Tim - We through
innew songs and throw in some of our as well we also try new songs all the time and see what doesn't doesn't work with the crowd.

TM - What festival would you most like to play?

Tim - Waken, Hellfest and Graspop and we have already played metal days and 70000 tons which are great festivals.

TM - Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

 Tim - Big thanks to everyone out there that comes to
urs shows buys our Merch and albums.


TM - Thank you for our interview today, we really appreciate it.

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