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Stick to Your Guns are an American hardcore punk band from Orange County, California fromedby by Frontman Jesse Barnett in 2003 and released  their first EP, Compassion without Compromise, in 2004.
In 2005 they released there first album For "What It's Worth", This album was released with "This City Is Burning Records."  Stick to your Guns wrote this album in high school and they  preceded to tour with this album through the US after they graduated.
In 2007, Century Media Records signed the band and re-released their debut album with two bonus tracks. Stick to your Guns had some member changes before releasing their  second full-length album "Comes from the Heart", and Jesse Barnett's decided to change his vocal style for this album. 
Ash Avildsen of Sumerian Records signed the band in 2010 after watching them play at Anaheim House of Blues, the band recorded  their third full-length album "The Hope Division."
In 2012 they released their fourth album, Diamond which debuted on the Billboard charts making it to #1 on the Heatseekers chart, #11 for Hard Rock Albums, #30 for Rock Albums and placed on the Billboard 200.
In 2015 Disobedient is the fifth full-length  It is the band's first album to be produced by "John Feldmann" and it was release by "Sumerian Records."
Stick to your Guns  has performed at festival such as Warped Tour, Hell on Earth and has been on numerous other tours, they even ended up supporting "Every Time I Die".
Stick to your guns played at the Factory Theatre on tuesday night with Band Members Jesse Barnett on Vocals, Chris Rawson  on Guitar, Josh James on Guitar, Andrew Rose on Bass and George Schmitz on Drums. Little did we know it would be such an Amazing show with such fantastic ambience.

The stage went black and you heard a voice over that made the audience go crazy, the opening words to there first song were "You just figure it out your way. You just figure it out your own way, because in the end no matter which way or direction this goes, you're the only person that can do it". Stick to your guns came on stage and the lights went on the crowd were jumping in the air, everyone was singing every lyric to their first song "3 feet from peace"

 Stick to your Guns proceed to sing "Married to the Noise, Nobody, What Choice Did You Give Us and We Still Believe" the whole crowd jumped up and down, sang every word. Fans were crowd surfing on to the stage to meet the one and only Jesse. He said hi to every fan that got up on stage and then the fans jumped back into the audience.

Jesse stopped after this songs and announced an important message to his fans, he said :

 "I Just wanted to talk to you about what this music really is, and what is really happening up here. well here is this idiot talking on the microphone, my shirt looks like bogus, my music is incredibly important to me, I love the way it sounds.

I love the words of songs, I listened to lyrics when I was growing up, from all these different bands. I love the state of this music right now, if there's anyone in this world that is thinking  about starting a band, it's incredible you should do it.

 It's taken me around the world and I know it wasn't the plan for this band, it started in a garage and I just wanted to say what was on my mind and I think that's what's important. As long as you were being genuine and asking yourself questions, heart to heart questions as  long as you're asking your peers questions and demanding more from the world than this music will always be alive. The second you take meaning away from this music it just turns into pop music and we don't need anymore of that" The fans loved this message and were cheering throughout the whole announcement, it really brought the crowd together 

Stick to your Guns continued the show with "Delinelle, Such Pain, Nothing You Can Do to Me, Doomed By You and The Suspend"
The stage went black once again, as "Stick to your Guns " walked off stage. The fans went and started screaming, as they wanted Stick to your Guns to return.  Stick to your Guns returned for three more songs. They sang "The Reach for Me: Forgiveness of Self, Amber and Against Them All". 

Stick to your Guns was a Fantastic show with a great audience.  Everyone had so much energy and it made you want to watch the show over and over again.
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