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Steel Panther started out as a cover band on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, and are an 80'S glam metal band. Steel Panther consist of four members Front man Michael Starr, Satchel the lead guitarist, Lexxi Foxx the bitchin bass player and Stix Zadinia the one who plays with sticks and drums the whole gig. They have had quite a few name changes over the years from Danger Kitty to Metal Shop to Metal Skool and their current name which is Steel Panther.

​In 2009 Steel Panther Released their first CD ‘Feel the Steel’ this CD sold ‘6,000 copies’ and ranked ‘‘98th on the Billboard Charts” on this album you will find two of the tracks that made them popular today “Community Property” and “ Death To All But Metal”.

In 2011 they released their second CD in called ‘Balls Out’ they had a lot of success with this album selling ‘12,000 CD’S’ in the US alone. On this CD there have been quite a few popular songs such as “17 girls in a row” and “Tomorrow Night”. Steel Panther have kept their music to their own style singing about sex, drugs and rock and roll. They use complex guitar riffs and catchy lyrics to get the listener singing along to their track.

​In 2014 they realised their album “All You Can Eat” this album is most well-known for the song “Party like tomorrow is the end of the world” when you watch the video clip for this song it takes you into Steel Panthers world and shows you what steel panther would do if tomorrow was the end of the world. I hope I would be invited to that party.

Steel Panther is on a new tour worldwide to promote their new album as well as their old songs. The tour is called Sunset Strip Live and has taken across the United States. Steel Panther is currently on tour in Australia and the tour will be taking them to Germany and Russia as well.

Steel Panthers new tour show cased an amazing two hour set set last night staring off with their original songs in the first half of the set and then in the second set all the amazing cover songs from the 80's and beyond at a sold out show the forum theatre in Melbourne Australia.

The background music started and the first member to come on stage was Stix, as he took his position behind the drums then the rest of Steel Panther came out on stage and the crowd clapped and cheered.

Michael Starr picked up the microphone and the band played their first song of the night "Eye Of The Panther" then proceeded to play the first half of the set with songs such as "Glory Hole, 17 Girls In A Row" and their biggest hit to close off the first half of the set "Death To All But Metal". The bands energy never Faded and the crowd responded with the same energy.

The rest of the show went just as well from start to finish l. In the second half of the show Steel Panther started off with "Kickstart my Heart" which really kicked everyone into the second half of the set followed by "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and "Jump". Michael walked off stage and returned acting like Ozzy osborune and sang "Crazy Train". Michael even screamed out "Sharon" like Ozzy Osbourne always does. The band walked off stage and satchel did a epic guitar solo.

Steel panther came back on stage and Michael Introduced Joel from Airborne to sing "Highway To Hell" with him and the crowd went nuts and sung along.

As the lights dimmed Steel panther walked off stage and the crowd started chanting for one more song. Michael walked back on stage and asked the crowd if they wanted to hear one more song and the crowd cheered Steel Panther finished off an awesome show of hits from the past and the present with party like tomorrow is the end of the world. This has to be one of the most amazing shows Twinmusix has seen this year! and if you hurry, you might be able to get your hands on a Brisbane or Perth ticket!




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