Steel Panther started out as a cover band on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, and are an 80'S glam metal band. Steel Panther consist of four members Front man Michael Starr, Satchel the lead guitarist, Lexxi Foxx the bitchin bass player and Stix Zadinia the one who plays with sticks and drums the whole gig. They have had quite a few name changes over the years from Danger Kitty to Metal Shop to Metal Skool and their current name which is Steel Panther.

In 2009 Steel Panther Released their first CD ‘Feel the Steel’ this CD sold ‘6,000 copies’ and ranked ‘‘98th on the Billboard Charts” on this album you will find two of the tracks that made them popular today “Community Property” and “ Death To All But Metal”.


In 2011 they released their second CD in called ‘Balls Out’ they had a lot of success with this album selling ‘12,000 CD’S’ in the US alone. On this CD there have been quite a few popular songs such as “17 girls in a row” and “Tomorrow Night”. Steel Panther have kept their music to their own style singing about sex, drugs and rock and roll. They use complex guitar riffs and catchy lyrics to get the listener singing along to their track.

In 2014 they realised their album “All You Can Eat” this album is most well-known for the song “Party like tomorrow is the end of the world” when you watch the video clip for this song it takes you into Steel Panthers world  and shows you what steel panther would do if tomorrow was the end of the world. I hope I would be invited to that party.

This week Steel Panther Released their Album “Lower the Bar” they have taken their music in a slightly different direction with heavier music and the same catchy content which Steel Panther are known for. They start off the album strong with “Goin in the Backdoor” this song is catchy and I instantly played it on repeat until I knew every single lyric. The next song that stopped me in my tracks on the CD was “Pussy Ain’t Free” I asked my sister how she would describe “Pussy Ain’t Free” and she said “well it's true, pussy ain't free" And "the new Steel Panther album is cheaper than pussy so you should definitely buy a copy". So Steel Panther have done well with those lyrics in my opinion.

Another great song on this album is “She’s Tight”, this song was originally sung by Cheap trick but Steel Panther always do brilliant covers of band’s music with their own unique touch. The CD has shoot to number one in United States, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Belgium and Austria. If you haven’t grabbed a copy of Lower the Bar, make sure you grab one on your way out of Lexxi's mum's Garage, i know Stix and Satchel would.