Soilwork is one of the biggest names in Swedish metal, and last night we got to watch them destroy the stage with support acts Flaming Wreckage and Desrcrator! As you walked in, the venue was filled with a haze from the smoke machine and you knew you were in for a crazy night. Flaming Wreckage were up first and they absolutely killed it as heavy bass and guitar lines filled the venue. 

Desrcrators set went off with a bang and the set was fast paced right from the word go! With plenty of head banging riffs, double bass drumming, face-melting solos, it was a fantastic set to sink your teeth into.

The band we were all waiting to see was up next, as Soilwork came on stage the fans were excited beyond belief. Soilwork delivered abrasive hooks, amazing chorus, clean vocals and melodic death metal growls, which is a winning formula that we love.


As we ripped through the setlist we got to listen to songs including Arrival, Full Moon Shoals, Tongue, Stabbing the Drama and Stålfågel. Every song was delivered with relentless coarse percussion and guitar work. Soilwork definitely know how to write an extremly solid tracks.

As the night came to an end, no one wanted to leave. The music delivered has motion and energy and you could see the energy come out in the mosh pit. I look forward to seeing their future shows in sydney and I reccomond you catch them on this tour.



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