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Smash Mouth is an American rock band from San Jose, California. The band was formed in 1994 and have had a lot of hits over the years. Last night Smash Mouth played their wollongong show and took the show the another level. There was interaction with every member of the audience and they invited everyone on stage to rock out with them.


Last night Area-7 a punk band from Australia kicked off the set . With Chucky T on guitar, Dan on Drums, Andy on Bass, Paul West on Trombone, Occa on saxophone, DJ on keys and Steveo on Vocals. They have released five major songs and have been nominated for Best Rock Album in 2000 and have had success on the Australian touring circuit. Last night they did not disappoint and they rocked out with the fans and put on a fantastic show.

Next up were Smash Mouth, and you better believe i was excited for this show. From listening to all there hits from over the years since i was a child and heard their songs in shrek till now you knew you were in for a night full of classics. Smash Mouth kicked off their set with 'can't get enough of you baby' and you knew you were in for one hell of a show.


They played hits from their backlog of twenty one studio albums including 'why can't we be friends, walking on the sun, you really got me, I'm a believer and all star'. The fans were so excited to hear these songs and everyone was singing and jumping up on stage and having the time of their lives. If you haven't already make sure you head to one of their shows, i guarantee you will have a blast.



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