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Twinmusix chat with Slow Talk about their new  Album and more

What can fans expect from your new EP?



It's going to be a very experimental EP. We are going to try and do Originals stuff and not follow generic song structures. We have one track on the EP that will be pretty left field.

What was your recording process?

We walked into the studio with developed demos. We did all the production at home, we have a little studio set up so what you will hear is just a more polished production of the original demo.

 How do you choose which songs will be singles on your EP?

We thouught golden showcased a lot of sides to our musicians ship. We wanted to express that to revert very dynamic and had heavy rock bits.

 Who designed your ep cover?

 I went to Japan for a holiday and I couldn't relax, my trip ended up being a month-long photography excursion and I took the photo in Japan.

What gear do you use on stage compared to what you use in the studio?

Kemper, jansen amplifiers, Fender and Gibson Les Paul

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song and in your style or theirs?

 Circa Survive

How did you come up with your band name?

 We were under the pump to get a new band name out in a week and we got to Slow Talk.

If  you could choose any music festival to perform at which would you choose ?

Splendour in the Grass

Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

Listen to our new EP

Album Release Link Here -

Pre Order Link Here -

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