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Skyharbor first album ‘Blinding White Noise’ was released in 2012. Skyharbor have been performed around the world. In 2014 they released 'Guiding Lights' after a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign. Skyharbor got a new frontman Eric Emery and drummer Aditya Ashok solidify the band's lineup. The future is especially promising in 2017 as a new album with Emery approaches its release and the band look set to hit even bigger stages as they march into the future.


Twinmusi talk to Keshav Dhar from Skyharbor about their new album and more


TM- You just released your new album Sunshine Dust how have fans reacted?


KD- The response has been overwhelmingly positive. We have been trying to keep a tab on the internet and other media outlets.



TM- What was your writing and recording process for Sunshine Dust?


KD- We started working on the songs for this last album when we started the last album. we also wrote the title track of this album when we wrote the last album, it was meant to be on the last album and it didn't make it for some odd reason. Here we are using it for this album. We spent the better part of 2015 and 2016 writing and putting demos together writing lyrics and guitar riffs in the remote way.


Everyone lives in a different city around the world so we all write our music and send it to each other on Dropbox and keep on exchanging files. We have been working on it that way and by the end of 2017 we had an album ready to go. We didn't have a label at the time so we just thought we could explode doing a self DIY sort of thing.


We all produce music for other artists as our job. We went on tour with Deftones across Europe and we thought, OK this is a big deal, we should just release our version of the album while we are on tour and make a big deal of it. At the last minute we stopped ourselves self-releasing it. I thought to myself is this the best version of the album it could possibly be.


We weren't really thrilled with it so we got new management and advice from people because we didn't really know what to do anymore. Management told us to go recorder in the studio get a proper budget behind it and look for a good label, so we singed to eone records they sent us to Australia. We were there for 40 days recording our new album with Forrester Savell, so that was the final piece of the puzzle. We sat with him he listened to our songs rearrange them and we produce the album all again from scratch.



TM- You toured with Deftones can you tell us a to a story?


KD- Ok, what the hell this happened in a country you pot is legal. We had a bunch of cookies with us and we were on autopilot at this point in time. We were playing the same set every night and we were a little bored so we ate some cookies and went on stage. We started to move a little differently, so i made eye contact with our bass player on stage who had also eaten to cookies and the first thing we did was shake our heads really slowly.



The next thing I know, I couldn't hear any bass in my ear anymore and I looked over at him. I was like why has he stopped playing and I look at his bass and his cable was out of the amplifier. I was the one responsible for it because without thinking I accidentally pulled his cable out of the amplifier. He was like can you just go and stand in one corner and not move, so I just went and stood in one corner for the rest of the set and didn't move and was like ok that's not happening again.



TM- If you could have any band play one of your songs which band which song and in your style or theirs?


KD- Francis Xavier doing Sunshine Dust



TM- What's your favourite memory of watching a different band perform live?


KD- When I saw Karnival in India for the first time in 2010. I took a one and a half day train journey to Mumbai just to watch them play.


We were doing a tour in Europe with Sleep Makes Waves and we were going to Denmar, you were meant to do a gig the day before in Sweden but that show got cancelled. We got to Denmark a day early so we went to check out the venue a day early and there was a sold out show on there that night. We asked if we could go in and watch it. It ended up being an electronic band on stage with no laptop, it was all guitars drums and keyboards and the singer was wearing a crazy tyrannosaurus rex mask. They were singing pop music they are called The Do and are from Paris, you should check them out.



TM- I will definitely listen to them, it sounds interesting.


TM- Anything else you want to add us to your fans?


KD- The album is out so check it out and we hope to come to Australia soon.





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