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Twinmusix chat with Benji Webbe from Skindred to chat about their Australian Tour with Maxx and Iggor


One thing that makes me laugh is when people come to concerts and boo the band. I’d love to go to their office or garage or work place on Monday morning and boo them while they are working. And when they are at the call centre and answer their phone id be like fuck you that the worst phone call I’ve ever heard or something like that at them and see how they like it. Then they would stop chanting bullshit when you play your songs. Then you have some asshole flipping you off and telling you that you suck. That’s karma that’s the way it should be.

What’s your experience like playing with Max and Iggor?

Mex is a really cool dude he’s a very family orientated guy. He likes to take his whole family on the road. I like to run away from my family I’m free at last that’s my angle. Me and khaleesi on that dragon like bye.

What’s your dragon’s name?


My dragons name is cockie.

What colour is he?

Red and burgundy he’s scales are beautiful. And the reason I call him cockeye is I say fly cockie and he fly’s. And he’s like what the fuck you doing and he just fly’s around and around. He sees a field full of cows and sets them on fire and twenty minty minutes later we fly back and get some bread and ketchup just sit in the field and cut up slices of cow.

What can fans expect from your Sydney tour?

I’m not bringing my dragon because the boys don’t like him they get offended by his cockiness. What were going to do is come on an aeroplane to Australia. Were doing something really different we are coming to Sydney and going to play our instruments and sing songs because it’s so different from other bands. We came up with that concept our self I was talking to a friend of mine who’s in a band and I won’t mention his name because I don’t like to drop names. Were coming to Australia bringing instruments playing on stage and ill be the black guy in the middle.

how was Hellfest?

Yes we did do Hellfest in France and it was incredible.

I think you told off the photographers. I did tell them all off and said go on get away from the stage you wankers. I told them to get the fuck out? Go on get out of here. You’re taking pictures of me and crediting yourself of pictures of me that you took and you get all pissed at me like fuck off. That’s how I feel about photographers. But I do think some of their pictures are good. But there taking pictures of me and putting their name on it wtf up with that.Well I do take pictures all I ever do is take pictures of myself and put them on my Instagram. No take pictures of them and put your tag on it.

What’s your craziest fan story?

Someone asked me for my underwear I wore on stage. I gave it to him he rang it out into a glass and drunk it. You know it’s only a little sweat a little water and a little pre cum. But other than that that was it really.

What’s your favourite concert memory?

I just love a crowd that is easy going with life. When people come to see a Skindred concert. We have to remember life is too short and we are not given tomorrow were fortunate to have tomorrow. So every night weekly I like to leave this and every day I like to live my life. I try to make people realise that this is a celebration of life so let’s enjoy it. People saying they were fucking shit man I wouldn’t see them again. In a world we live in like today we might not get tomorrow. You enjoy what the fuck you got. And people who don’t enjoy their self if you come to see the main act. And they don’t enjoy the act that’s on before them you’re not fucking chained to the floor you can walk away. Were not in Dubai or Saudi Arabia go to the bar and get yourself a drink and wait till the person you want to see gets on stage. Those assholes that act like they are chained to the floor to watch a concert. OMG they made me watch them. No they fucking didn’t.


If you could have any band perform one of your songs which band and song would you choose and would it be in your style or there’s?

I would like system of a down to perform kill the power I’d love to see them do that in whatever way they want to do it.

Are you making a new album anytime soon?

Yes we are going to start to get an album up for next year. We’re going to do some writing in November. Write all November/ December and hopefully be in the studio by January. New album by next April. New album British and punk rock as fuck

You can call it the twins we will be on your album cover

Maybe if I get that photograph if I make the album with all the photographers on the front it will say what a fucking waste that’s what the new album could be called fuck these wankers what a waste. Get fucking real jobs stop pretending you’re a photographer and buy tickets you cheap assholes .some people learn to be journalists and photographers so they don’t have to buy tickets for concerts I know that for a fact.

We live Mozart, Amy wine house; the sex pistols anything that’s good and we don’t like shit stuff

I like the spice girls

You know what I like the spice girls two become one was my favourite song.

Can you sing it?

Not on stage but ill sing it when I get off the plane ill sings it on my Instagram so you will see me on there.

 What’s your song writing process?

We sit in a room together argue fight kick the shit out of each other till someone comes up with a good riff or good lyric’s that the writing process.


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