Skillet is an American Christian rock band that formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996. The line up is currently John on lead vocals and bass, Korey Cooper on rhythm guitar, keyboards and backing vocals, Jen Ledger on drums and vocals and Seth Morrison on lead guitar. Skillet have released 10 studio Albums and have had there song 'Battleground' featured in a WWE video game.

Last night Skillet played at Luna Park big top playing 16 of their hits from over the years. The merchandise sold out before the gig started and the venue was closed packed from the word go. As soon as skillet walked on stage the fans cheered in excitement and the stage lighting lit up the room. Skillet kicked off the set with 'Feel Invincible' and everyone sang every word. Skillet continued their set with 'Whispers in the Dark, Sick of It, Rise, Lions, Back From the Dead and Awake and Alive.

John stopped to talk to the fans before he stated to play "Not Gonna Die" he told everyone the story of how one of his fans used his song to help fight cancer and dedicated the song to her. It was a truly touching moment and it touched the hearts of all the fans and the lady who it was dedicated to.

Skillet continued the set with 'Hero, Those Nights, Undefeated, Comatose, Stars, Out of Hell, Monster and Rebirthing'. The fans threw their hands up in the air and swayed them side to side, everyone was jumping around and it was one of the most energetic mosh pits i have ever seen.

Skillet walked off stage and the crowd started chanting one more song skillet, as the walked back on stage they asked the crowd if they would like one more song and the crowd cheered Skillet played "The Resistance" to finish a fantastic night.




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