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Skid Row smashed there set at the Manning Bar last night to a packed venue of eager fans. As you stared out into the audience you could see the excitement of fans faces and you knew you were in for one hell of a night. Skidrow came on stage and everyone cheered with excitement. The first song was "Slave to the grind" and ZP delivered it with great enthusiasm as he is the new frontman to Skid Row.

ZP stopped to talk to the crowd "Sydney, say hey" and the crowd yelled back Hey and skidrow played their next song of the night "sweet little sister". He then said "Motherf*** in the back let me hear you, come on", as the crowd cheers he says "I'm felling this vibe, its like someone wants to have a party in here tonight. Well come over here and get a piece of me motherf******" ZP starts jumping and singing "Piece of me" followed by "Living on a chain gang" and "Big Guns".


Skid Row continued with "18 and life, Makinin a mess and Medicine jar" Everyone knew the lyrics to these songs, the crowd was pumping and everyone was having a fantastic night. ZP and Rachel Bolan stopped and spoke to their fans. 

To find out what he said watch the following video.

Skid Row played two more hits of the night "Psycho therapy" and "Quicksend Jesus" Then it was Snakes turn to speak to their fans.

To find out what he said watch the following video.

ZP said to the crowd "Give it up for Steve and Scotty" and the crowd cheered.  ZP chanted "Oi Oi Oi" and the crowd said "Oi Oi Oi" back in full force.

Then Skid Row ran off stage and the crowd started cheering for more they came back on stage for three more songs "I remember you, We are the damned and Youth gone wild". This was the end to a fantastic night the band walked off stage and ZP walked across the front of the stage and touched as many peoples hands as possible. 

The atmosphere of this show was off the charts, everyone had a fantastic night and you knew you wanted to attend another show. ZP is an extraordinary new Frontman. Luckily we have Frankies pizza in Sydney and man did they put on a fantastic show.



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