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Twinmusix catch up with Andreas from Sepultura to talk about their Australian tour

What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

We have been playing a lot of the new songs live! Around 5 or 6 new songs. I think this is something different we have never done that many new songs in one set before, espically with the new songs it gives the diversity in the set list. They can expect a different set list with the classics and the new album.

Who wrote the new songs on your new album Machine Messiah?

We record together in the studio and we don't keep the parts of the songs we don't like. However, we keep the songs that really move us, so it's a collaboration and it really grows the whole project. Once we have all the demos, we send them to the producer so they can listen to it and then we all meet up to do the recording and we may have different ideas and different things he thinks should happen with the songs. so it's a collaboration from everyone.

If you could have any band play play one of your songs which band would it be and in your style or there's?

Dead can Dance in their style

How do you stay sharp and keep going after so many years?

I think it's the fact I love what I do. Performing music is somthing that I've done since I was 14 and it still brings encrediable joy to me. It's such a big part of me, it keeps me creative and I love meeting new people at different shows and I love to tour.

What was it like touring with kreator and Prong?

  To be on tour in europe with Kreator was phenomenal! They were fantastic people, it was the first time I got to hang out with them and our first tour with them. I'm a vegan and Millie is a vegan too so that added to even more excitement being on the road with them. It was pretty much a classic lining in my head and for a lot of fans. It was such a good combination being on tour with both of these bands. I was a big fan of these two bands so I was able to engage with them hang out and keep these friendships, it was probably one of the best tours we have done.

  What was your experience like playing Waken in 2015?

  It's a festival that's known all around the world and it's mystical! Here in South America a lot of people would love to be there, and part of it is great to be part of that Waken family, it's an unbelievable feeling having everyone from around the world. So many different people and cultures into the same music, it's a great feeling to be a part of something like that.

  How did you feel when you got signed to Nuclear Blast records?

  It was pretty exciting as we hadn't been with a label before that was super supportive of us in a while. To feel that energy from a label that we are really into, having a say and going the direction that we want to go in. They didn't want to try and make us into something, it was great to meet the people working there and I can feel they really believe in what they are doing so it was wonderful to be welcomed to be a part of that, many things have been changing and I feel we have been evolving at a faster pace.

In 2009 you released ‘Alex’ bassed on the book Clock Work Orange, how did the book influence you to write this album?

 We've always talking about the movie and the idea came up to read the book and try to find something different from it. I was always curious why the book is written what was behind Anthony Burgess writing this book, that for us was more interesting than the movie and cubics idea of the book, so I thought it was much more interesting to get to the core of it. The story was much more interesting and we wanted to know what was the basis of that book, and once we read it we realise there was a completely different ending, and then it became very fascinating to us because this ending was a very different, we felt good to work with something we could elaborate on in so many different directions. I still think it's relevant today, this fear and manipulation and all these different elements that are a part of life but are told in such an horrific way, but I felt we could go in so many different ways with sounds and lyrically. It was something very special to us and we could do so many different things With it.

  You were in the Volkswagen commercial in 2008 how did you come to be in this commercial?

 A friend of ours is working for an agency and they had this really funny idea that because people were so used to seeing Sepultura do heavy music, and known for that here and especially in Brazil, to have a completely different element come out of that rather than doing a popular musical Brazilian song. It was totally something unexpected and shocking for people here, I think it really works and was also a lot of fun to work on singing in Portuguese. I mean singing not screaming, especially seeing the surprise on many peoples faces.

Anything else you would like to announce to your fans?

 we look forward to being back in Australia and look forward to playing with Death Angel, it is something that shouldn't be missed and will be a really good time.

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