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Twinmusix had a chat with John from Seether about their Australian tour and more 

What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

A fun sweaty  rock show that is passionate and intense. We will crank it up, play it loud and go through the motions. We will play the best show possible for our fans.

How do you pick the songs that you play on tour?

 We have a lot of singles from over the years. In the case of Australia and New Zealand we haven't been back since 2015 and we have released new single since then so we want to weigh balances. We might play a deep truck or a space surprise cover song for the serious fans. Our singles take 75 minutes to play back to back when we do a 90 minute show so it's a good position to be in.

What was your recording process for "Poison to Parish"?

This album was produced by the band and Shaun our singer, he was also the main song writer on this album. He  gave me and Dale 15 of 16 songs that he had arranged and we got together in a rehearsal space in Texas Tennessee. The guys faced there amps at me and we worked on everything together, so when we went into the studio it was about capturing the Performance.

How did you come up with your Album cover for "Poison to Parish"?

Shaun commissioned the artist and they discussed how the album was coming together, so the artwork conveyed what tell music is about.

Why did you decide to change the Seether band logo?

The band is evolving and starting a new chapter so we wanted to experiment with changing it up.

Can you tell us the stage equipment and studio equipment that you use?

 schecter guitars, Ampeg, Ludwig drums, ludwig Black Beauty snare, 14 by 7 Bell brass snare.

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song and in your style or theirs?

Alice in Chains playing Stoke The Fire in their style.

How did you come to work with Amy Lee from Evanescence on the song broken?


Shaun and Amy were seeing each other back then and we were all on the same label, when we went to South Africa Amy joined us when we were doing the song broken. This was an acoustic song of her first album. Amy was on the side of the stage watching these shows every night and she slowly started coming out and doing Broken with us. When we got back to the States the word had gotten back to the record label that she was joining us on stage to sing broken so we put it out as a hit and it did really well.


The eerie video clip to let you down is a full on reference to modern day horror culture how did you come up with this clip?

There has been a mission statement with this album to go back to a heavier side of Seether, we always get told we are heavier live band recordings so we wanted to show that side on our albums.

What's your favourite memory of watching someone else peform live?

We played Hellfest in France on the same stage as Soundgarden and Black Sabbath. A friend of mine is guitar tech for geezer Butler in Sabbath and that was there last tour so I got to hand a bass guitar to geezer Butler on guitar change.

How have you been influenced by Kiss in your music Style?

As a kid Kiss was the first band that changed my life, they had a movie that was on TV when I was a kid. I saw them and saw pictures of them before I even heard their music, I was the right age at the right time and it had a major impact on me since then. I have been in bands that have opened for them, I've been fortunate enough to go to a couple of meet and greets and meet them.

What is your view on Spotify and iTunes how do you think it's affected the music industry?

The streaming site of it I have two sons and that's how they listen to the music, you can choose almost any song you want to listen to and just pull it up and listen to it without having to buy it.

Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

Thank You for the many years of support and standing by the band, we are pretty fortunate to still be putting out albums and going on tour.

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