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Sebastian Bach performed in Sydney Australia last Friday night and man did he put on a show. Sebastian opened the set with “Little wings”, this song came off his 1992 EP B-Side Ourselves and was originally written by Jimi Hendrix. When he started singing everyone in the crowd was so excited to see him live after such a long time.


He played one of my favourite songs only 2 songs into the set. I was so excited to be able to sing “Breaking Down” live with Sebastian! I really loved watching him from the front of the barrier!


The crowd went wild three songs in, when Sebastian played “18 and life” which was followed by “I Remember You”. As you looked out into a sea of people the crowd was singing every single word. These songs came off Skid Rows first album which reached multi-platinum strength on the Top 40 singles for the hits "18 and Life" and "I Remember You."


The next song to be played was “Slave to the Grind” this song is from one of Skidrows heavier albums which was released in 1991 and hit number one on the billboard charts, the album eventually reached platinum status. This was one of my favorite songs to see live and Sebastian sang the song in all it’s original glory. He also played “Monkey Business” which came off their album “Slave to the Grind”



It was a great night with and so many amazing songs were played, if you ever get the chance to see Sebastian live I would defiantly recommend it.

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