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Satyricon played at the Metro in Sydney last night to a packed out venue. Satyricon came out on stage and crowd started clapping staright into first song of the night "Midnight Serpent" then went straight into "Our World"

Satyricon said "Good evening Sydney" and the crowd went wild, Satyricon started playing "Black Crow"
half way through the song. Satyra Started singing hey into the microphone and the crowd sang it back to him.

Satyr says to the crowd "It is good to be back here and what brought us back here this time was Deep Calleth Upon Deep" the band then started playing Deep Calleth Upon Deep from their newest album that was released in 2017 via Napalm Records.

Satyr says "
Thats right thank you so much" as the band walked off stage and into music  starts
and Satyricon walk back on stage and start playing "Walker" followed by "Die By My Hand". Satyr says "Sydney you got this, die by my hand 123" and the crowd shout back "die by my hand. Followed by the next song of the night "Repined"
Satyr proceeded to say "I have been to Sydney before but iSatyr says "So i do not know how a proper mosh pit is done here

Then the Band walked off stage crowd start to cheer and scream fora encore Satyricon walk back out on stage and start playing "Pentagram" followed by "Mountains"

"Thank you Sydney what we are going to do now is play two songs from an album called Nemesis Divina and played "Transcendental" then straight into "North". The crowd form a circle pit and everyone goes crazy, it has been a fantastic show so far and you can only anticipate what is going to happen next

Satyar said  "Thank you so much" and the band walked off stage and play 4 more songs for the night which were "Brethren" "Rome" followed by "Sorrow".

remember coming to Sydney to 11 or 12 years ago and the title track is this album we toured then and played "Diabolical".
sosydney show me how to this song and start to play "Fuel" and the crowd started jumping around to make
an massive mosh pit.

Whole band stands on stage and start stomping their feet and the crowd joined in the whole venue started shaking to the core then Satyr said "I assume you have had a good night" and the crowd cheers then Satyricon play their last song for the night which was "K.I.N.G" and everyone was singing along to every word.


The crowd had a fantastic night, and no one wanted to leave the venue. It left you wanting more. I would definitely recommend seeing one of their remaining shows even if you have already seen them, go and watch another one.


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