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Saliva was founded in Memphis, Tennessee in September 1996. They self-released their self-titled debut album which sold more than 10,000 copies in their region, Island Records signed them.

Salivas second record Every Six Seconds was released in 2001 with hits such as"Your Disease" and "Click Click Boom", which brought the band into mainstream popularity.

In 2002 saliva released their third album Back into Your System, which had the chart topping hits "Always", and "Rest in Pieces" co-written by James Michael and Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe. They released their fourth studio album Survival of the Sickest on August 17, 2004, which ended up reaching No. 20 on the Billboard 200.

Saliva released there 5th studio album Blood Stained Love Story on January 23, 2007. Which was used on used Sony's commercials for the PlayStation 3. It was also made the official Theme song for WrestleMania 23. After this they toured with Sevendust in South Korea, Japan and Europe until July 2008, then went into the studio to record their sixth studio album entitled Cinco Diablo and was released on December 16, 2008. The song off this album called "Hunt You Down" was the official WWE No Way Out 2009 theme song in February 2009.

The seventh studio was album Under Your Skin, entitled "Nothing". It was released on February 1, 2011. 

In early January 2012 it was announced that Bobby Amaru has joined Saliva as the new vocalist. On February 5, 2013, Saliva began recording a their 8th studio album which would later be named “In It to Win It” And On April 16, 2016 Saliva announced their new album, titled Love, Lies & Therapy would be released June 10, 2016.

Saliva played at the bald face stage in Sydney Australia for the first time ever this week and fans from over the years all came out to see them.

When saliva walked out on stage and Bobby Amaru said "Sydney Australia how the fuck are you going? let me see you put your hands up!" and the crowd put there hands up and waved them side to side and played there first song of the night Ladies and Gentlemen.

Then Bobby said " ladies and gentlemen I want to see you jumping" and the crowd went wild and started jumping to the song Superstar. Straight after this saliva started playing the song Army.
"Everyone put your hands up we have travelled a long way to be here" then the band played Separated Self. Half way through the song Bobby says "everyone scream" and the band and crowd screams really loud. Bobby then screams in to the microphone "screams survival of the fittest". 

Tells crowd to say hell yeah and crowd says yeah back times 3 in song Dope ride

Then the band walked off stage for four songs and Bobby Amaruon acoustic guitars with Patience and at the end of this song started playing the popular Britney Spears song "hit me baby one more time" and then played Bother which turned into Tomorrow song. After this the band came back on stage and played After Me and Ways.

Then Bobby says "Can we play a couple more songs for you?" and the crowd cheered "we want to play two more songs for you is that alright" crowd cheers louder "this is the first time that Survivor has ever been to Australia and I promise it won't be the last ok" crowd started to cheer even louder at this time, "so saying that I want to thank you guys for showing up tonight and I want you to make some noise for the bands that played tonight as well support local music support that shit, it takes balls to get up on stage and play music for people who give a shit, Sydney Australia thank you for coming out tonight so are we are rock and roll family, are we rock and roll family" the crowd screamed really loud. Then the band plays Click Click Boom and Your Disease and end the night with a bang.








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