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Twinmusix catch up with Paul Crosby from Saliva to talk about their first Australian tour 

What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

We have never been over there and are super excited! We have a lot of fans over there so we  are planning on coming over and giving them the full Saliva experience and rock it out as hard as we can.

What stage gear do you use?

I use Paiste cymbals and Vater drumsticks, Wayne uses Gibson Les Paul and Diamond, brad  uses Ernie Ball basses and Ampeg Amps

You had hits such as click click boom that was featured in Fast and the Furious, how did that song get selected to be in the movie?

That song has been in several movies and video games. It was all done through our Universal  publishing team but defntley a pretty  cool experience.

You toured with Kiss and Aerosmith can you tell us a story of somthing that happened on tour?

I interacted with Steven Tyler a couple of times, he had a really cool patriot (giant bird) out on the road with him he was super busy with his meet and greet and press.

Tom Hamilton would come watch us play and come in our dressing room and make small talk with us.

One night me and one of our guitar player's were in our dressing room. Kiss was getting ready to go on stage and wearing full make up and costumes. We get our dressing room door proped open and Paul Stanley stopped and we hadn't talked to the Kiss guys that whole tour. Paul looked in and they all came into our dressing room and he said sorry we didn't get to hang out with you that much we were busy doing make-up and press. They told us they loved our band and hourned to have us out with them. 

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be and in your style or theirs?

I would like to hear Skater do one of our songs in their style, that would be pretty cool.

You wrote Rest in peace with Nikki Sixx and James Michael how did you come to work with them?

What happened was; Josey Scott our former singer was in a drug rehab facility in LA, this was way back before that song early 2000s it was called premises, and Nikki Sixx was a former Addict and all that to and he sponsors people that are there he's like there coach and helps them out. Nikki ended up being Joseys sponser there and that's how they meet and Nikki said “hey we have this song we have been writing I think it would be good for you guys”. He sent us their demo of him and James Michael doing the song and we have it to the producer and everyone loved it. We didn't really write it with them they wrote it we just recorded it and made it ours.

Science you have changed to your new  vocalist Bobby do you think your style of music has changed?

We are still the same core band. Bobby has been working with us for 6 years now so to us he's the dude seeker. He's done a great job of keeping our core values but of course we have progressed as a band. He's not Nosey and he's not trying to be but he's on his own level. We have progressed as a band but that just comes with age and time.

Do you have any new album's coming out anytime soon?

We are just finishing up a new record and will be released on a major label which I'm not allowed to release. It should be available around  summer.

What was your experience playing the ‘Make America Rock Again’ tour?

It was awesome for a few reasons, we were playing big arenas and amphitheatres. Most of the bands on that tour came out the same time we did from the same era so it was like a big family reunion for two months. it was a really fun tour. I would do it again in a Heartbeat. We actually played this year's version of make America rock again we did 2 or 3 shows on it.

Do you have any stories you can tell us about touring with Pop Evil?

I've known those guys since they first came out. We took them on one if their first tours ever. When I was living in Memphis Tennessee, which is were the band and I am from originally, they were on a tour with us and they had a couple of days off. I invited them to come stay at my house. They pulled their bus and trailer up in front of my house and stayed at mine over night and we had a big jam session. Brought out the Acoustic Guitars hung out and played music all night. We made some videos of it and I’m pretty sure they are on youtube somewhere. I've seen them before so I know they are on there. I mean way back their very first record. Me and Matty are best friends this whole time so we are still pretty close.

How did you come up with your band name?

The original singer Josey came up with the name and it was on the premise of we want a name that kids would love and parents would hate. So if the kids love it and the parents hate the name it's always good. The kids will tell their parents they are listening to Saliver and the parents will be like “gross” and the kids will be like “that's cool” so it worked.

Anything fans do when they come to your shows?

People trying to make AAA passes that don’t even look like legitimate passes trying to get in.

What inspired you to get into music?

When I was a kid my parents adopted a boy that was older than me. I had other brothers and a sister. My adopted brother was into playing drums and I wasn't into playing music and none of us were before. I looked up to him and at first I wanted to be like him so that's why I wanted to play drums. When I started to learn how to play drums it caught on with me and stuck.

What bands influenced you?

Around the time: Metallica - Master of Puppets, Slayer - South of Heaven. Some friends turned me onto those records and that changed everything for me and I was just straight on Rock from there.

Anything else you would like to announce to your fans?

We are excited to come over and play for everyone, can't wait to tour in Australia with Saliva for the first time.

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