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Twinmusix Talk to Sabrina Benaim about her Australian Tour and more

What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

They can expect a lot of fun!. I like to think I am as equally as hilarious as the best of you. It will be a heartfelt night with a lot of jokes.

Will you tell any new stories on your tour?

 Absolutely, yes


How long has poetry been part of your life?

Essentially my entire life  I always kept a journal and wrote. I used to be a dancer so I mainly expressed myself physically and creatively, I mainly kept a journal for my own thoughts.


I was in 7th grade and my little brother came into a room, all my friends were there and told one of the boys that I wrote something stupid  in my journal so from that moment on I thought I better write more cryptically in my journal.

What's your favourite story from your book depression and other magic tricks?

 I'm excited that I'm able to tell a whole narrative, I feel when you read the entire book you get a clear picture of what I was talking about.

 what are you looking forward to doing in Australia?

The beach

What is a piece of advice you would give to your fans?

Tell someone how you feel and don't hold it in.

Have always wanted to share poetry out loud and what inspired you to share it with people?

I haven't always wanted to share it out loud, I just wanted to write a book and never have to speak. When i was twenty three i found out I had a tumor in my throat, and my best friend told me "Share all your feelings", so I really started sharing all my work after that.

 What inspired you to write your book depression and other magic tricks?

All of my writing has come from me trying to understand myself, the world around me and how I fit into that.

Who designed the cover for your book depression and other magic tricks?

An Artist called Nicky Clarke designed the cover of my book, it was the first cover she showed me and I fell in love with it and decided to use it. It's the perfect cover.

Would you ever turn your poetry into music?

If someone wanted to I would definitely collaborate with them.

What is most rewarding thing about being with your fans?

The most rewarding thing about doing poetry is connecting with people. I hang out after the show and meet everyone.

Have you been writing any new books?

 I have been writing hopefully it will come out sooner rather than later, I've been trying to fit in writing well I have been travelling.

Anything else you'd like to announce to your fans?

 Thank You and share whatever you need to share.

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