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Sabaton Open Air is a hard rock festival founded and managed by the band Sabaton. The festival formed in 2008 and if you manage to grab a ticket for this year you will get the ultimate Sabaton open air experience. Sabaton Open air is held in Sweden and is located near a town called Falun.


Pär and Joakim originally started Sabaton open air as Rockstad: Falun and was held inside an old military exercise building. It was originally planned as a release party for the 2008 album “The Art of War”. Who knew Sabaton Open Air would turn into a international festival. In 2009 Sabaton open air was moved to down town Falun and in 2010 it became a two day festival. In 2013 the name changed to the legendary “Sabaton Open Air” and in 2016 the festival added the pre-party and became a 4 day experience.

Sabaton open air has been held at Lugnet since 2010 and is surrounded by beautiful Swedish nature. The festival grounds have two large ski jumps on the hill, which fans are often intrigued by and an atmosphere which is hard to forget.


This year Sabaton open air has a line up one could only dream of! With Sabaton, The Darkness, Sepultura and Powerwolf headlining the festival this is definitely a difficult year to turn down!.


The Darkness are a rock band from Lowestoft, Suffolk that were formed in 2000. The current band line up is Justin Hawkins on lead vocals, guitar, his brother Dan Hawkins on guitar and backing vocals, Frankie Poullain on bass and backing vocals and Rufus Tiger Taylor on drums. The Darkness have released 5 studio Albums and gone on countless world tours and this year they are lucky enough to headline Sabaton Open Air.

Powerwolf are another awesome headliner that are going to rock Sabaton open air! Powerwolf is a power metal band that formed in 2003 by Charles and Matthew Greywolf. They have a dark and heavy ring both musically and lyrically to their songs, and 7 studio albums with their newest album coming out just in time for Sabaton Open Air! So you wont want to miss this one!


My experience with festivals in Europe has truly been amazing! There is a sense of community between all the metal heads and you truly feel like you have reached home! Sabaton open air has a fantastic line up this year and i can't wait to experience it for myself.


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