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Twinmusix got to speak to Robyn Ferguson about her new album and more.

TM - Hi, This is Amelia and Elizabeth from Twinmusix. We are here with Robyn Ferguson. Thank You for having this call with us today. How are you?


RF - I'm good, how are you?


TM - We are good, how's everything going it's crazy with coronavirus?


RF - yeah it's crazy but we are on level three and soon to be moved to level 2. I heard so it will be nice to get out.


TM - Is there going to be any gigs coming up?


RF - There is going to be an online Festival in SA. We have a few things going on and that's exciting.


TM - That's cool, do you know who's going to do that or anything about it?


RF - It is a Metal Festival in Africa, they normally have two festivals a year, one for summer and one for winter it's normally around this time and it's a big event here in Cape Town. We can't do it because of coronavirus, I think they are still ironing out all the details but you can check it out on Facebook. 


TM - That's cool, we are finding out about all these festivals that we haven't heard of before are you playing the festival?


RF - I'm not at liberty to say anything at the moment but I will be there.


TM - You just released your new album how have fans responded?


RF - It is quite crazy, I have been struck by an amazing response. I haven't had much negative response and I feel quite humbled by it all it's amazing.


TM - I saw you are endorsed by Ibanez Guitars, can you tell us more about it?


RF - I'm endorsed by Ibanez Guitars, I'm the first female endorse see in the country.


TM - Congratulations, that's so cool.


RF - Thank You.


TM - What was your writing and recording process for your new album?


RF - It was a bit of a strange one I suppose after I released the first album I started writing new riffs In my head. There are a lot of things that happened at the time. I relocated across the country and I was playing in a lot of bands and doing a lot of stuff.


I was pushing a bit too hard and I feel quite ill and a lot of things happened. The recovery process was challenging and that spawned a lot of ideas. I was fortunate enough to put onto a record, I was able to record everything on the equipment that I have at home and sent it off for mixing mastering and production it's been great.


TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs what band would it be what song would it be and in your style or their style?


RF - I'm influenced by so many different genres. I would love someone to take it and put them to reinterpret my song. Probably anyone, but I would probably have a minor heart attack if Devin Townsend did something with one of my songs.


TM - Devin Townsend is amazing live.


RF - He has got such a crazy Creative Mind, I think it would be awesome to learn from him.


TM - What's your favourite memory of watching someone else perform live can you tell us a story?


RF - I can tell you lots of stories and insanely cool moments. I was standing in the photographer pit at Witchfest and I was coming from backstage because we were going on soon. I was going through the camera pit because that was the quickest way and the guys from decapitated were on stage. The lights were strobing and Rafał had these giant dreadlocks, they were fighting all over the place. It was the coolest time of my life. I thought I need to grow dreadlocks, sadly I look terrible with dreadlocks.


TM - Do you do photography too?


RF - No, I was a tech and a crew girl, so I would be in the pit and helping everyone. I have great respect for roadies and crew members and a lot of the time I like hanging out with crew and photographers. A lot of people just want the photos, so I have a lot of fun backstage with everyone.


TM - How did you come up with your Album cover and is there a meaning behind it?


RF - The artwork represents visions I was having when I was ill. I found myself in the weird conscious/unconscious state. I was very very ill and I had a very long recovery process. The disease I have affects parts of my brain and it messes with my eyes and is a whole bunch of other things. It creates paralysis and there are a lot of complications, but it's what visions I was having at the time. 


I had some challenges or should I give up because I had some paralysis in my hands and wasn't able to play the guitar at the time. I thought this is my passion and now I can't do it, I was feeling down and I forced myself to get up and pull through the void. There is a new world beyond and there's a chemical symbol behind the name, it's adrenaline. I think if you're on that edge between life and death, there's a lot of adrenaline pumping through your veins. At the time if you are at the apocalypse of your life.


TM - That is amazing that you got up and started playing the guitar again, a lot of people would give up, so that's awesome.


RF - Thank You, I don't think it's anything special, it's just a journey. I'm walking and everyone has challenges.


TM - Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?


RF- A huge Thank You, everyone, has been so amazing and so supportive. I couldn't ask for anything more Thank You so much.


TM - Thank You for this interview, I really appreciate it and hopefully, I get to see you on the road sometime. 

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