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Twinmusix Chat With Don From Riot V About Their New Album Armor Of  Light  And More
What was the writing process your new album Armor Of Light?

 I've been a chief songwriter for the band for some time, I've written about 80% of the music , Mike is the other Co writer, our singer Todd writes most of the lyrics, it is a collaboration, everyone brings their ideas to the table.

 You have written 6 out of 16 studio albums, do you think the sound is different on the albums you haven't worked on?

 Yes!  Mike has a different style of writing than I do, which makes the album sound a little more fresh, if you only have one person always writing the same style, It can get tedious to The Listener.

 What was your experience like working with chris collier?

 It was cool, in riots history we have brought a lot of albums out, we have always tended to lean towards commercial rock and roll producers. Our last two records were produced by Bruno Ravel from danger danger. Then we got signed to nuclear blast, we knew that they were the biggest metal label.we wanted to make an aggressive record, with some aggressive production, so a friend of ours turned us on to Chris, who has has been working with a lot of the bigger metal bands like Church, Prong, Slipknot and Korn.  we asked Chris to make our albums sound more modern and progressive, so we could reach a bigger fan base and keep up with the metal community.

 how did you come to get signed by nuclear blast?

 We played bang your head festival in Germany, at the festival Marcus came up to us and asked me what we were doing, we said we were shopping for a new record label, Marcus then said we would be interested and we love your band, then we Negotiated and got Science by nuclear blast so we are very lucky.

If you could have any band play one of your songs, which band, which song and in your style or theirs?

 Flogging Molly doing an Irish version of  our songs.

What can fans expect from your European  tour?

 we are going to be doing our shows in their entirety, film it and release a live DVD, towards the end of the year.

You had a side project and your band was called Narita, what made you want to play in Riot Instead?

We moved to New York and ended up getting signed to CBS records, then the thundersteel album took off So we went with that, when you're with a band with a name for themselves it's easier to open doors.

 Why did you leave the band in 1990?

 The band got to a point where record labels were getting stagnant, so I felt like I wanted to get out and do something else, so I decided to go out and play with different bands like ministry and lord of acid. Riot continued on with a different style of music and they different singer.

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