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Twinmusix spoke to Jeff Martin from R.E.M tribute band about their Australian tour and more, see what Jeff has to say about touring and his new single that will only be available at his Australian shows here. 

What can fans expect from your R.E.M tour?

They can expect some very inspiring and interesting interpretations, of classic R.E.M songs.

What inspired you to join and R.E.M tribute band?

When the music director approach me with this particular situation i thought im a big fan of Peter Buck from REM and guitar playing was very influential on my guitar playing.

You're performing with a lot of stars in your lineup including singer from The Church, The Ups and Downs and The Go Betweens. How is it performing with them, have you done any work with them before?

Not as yet, it's exciting times and I'm looking forward to it.

If you could have any band perform one of our R.E.M songs which band which band would it be which song and in R.E.M. styke or theirs?

The Tea Party

What's your favourite R.E.M. in the song to perform live?

Everybody Hurts

What can fans expect from your personal upcoming solo tour?

They can expect a lot of sound coming out of one person. There's going to be a lot of sound coming up on stage would think it was 6 or 7 people.

What was your writing and recording process for you and you ep stars in the sand?

A couple of years ago I spent about a month in Morocco and I worked and recorded with a lot of musicians from different parts of Morocco so a lot of things for a recorded at the time I never got the chance to work on so this is my collection of songs from that part of the world.

Why did you decide to only release it at yours shows for purchase?

It's only for the dedicated fans at this point in time.

Do you prefer the form into a large audience or small audience?

There different kettles of fish because they are different crowd psychology.

What was your favourite memory of watching someone else perform live?

In the 90s the tea party opened up for Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.

Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

 I think I'll fans will be very very happy with our tour.



Pre Sale: Friday May 4th, 9am Local Times

On Sale:  Monday May 7th, 9am Local Times


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